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My Swisscom Partner Network status Shop appointment Contact

Switching to the Swisscom Box

New Swisscom TV for existing TV customers

As an existing Swisscom TV L customer, you can benefit from the new Swisscom TV with Voice Assistant* and switch to the new Swisscom Box now.

Benefit automatically

Swisscom TV L customers with an existing UHD TV-Box can automatically enjoy the new Swisscom TV with the new user interface Entertainment OS4 and many new functions.*

New Swisscom Box: replace your existing TV-Box

Order the new Swisscom Box now with Voice Assistant, the new Entertainment OS4 user interface and many other new functions.* There is a one-off charge of CHF 129.– for the Swisscom Box.

TV-Box functions compared

  Swisscom Box
Entertainment interface OS4 OS4 OS3.2
Voice Assistant via Box
(«Hey Swisscom»)
Voice control via remote control  
Smart Home functions    
Play Next
Netflix App    
Fully integrated Netflix
New world of sport

* Customers with the Internet-Box 2 or 3 can enjoy the full functionality of the Entertainment OS4 operating system, Customers with the Centro Business 2.0 cannot access all the functions of the voice assistant. The following functions are not available:

  • Voice control of smart home devices and scenes
  • Voice control to display the WLAN password on the TV screen