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«I’m pleased that my IT is now in professional hands. It had simply become too difficult to look after alongside our day-to-day operations.»

IT infrastructure is an increasingly important lifeline for all companies because it’s where all their data comes together. However, for many SMEs, constantly managing their IT is a huge responsibility that takes up a lot of time. Outsourcing IT to the cloud and, in particular, outsourcing IT operations therefore lightens the workload enormously. In practical terms, it guarantees data security, professional and reliable operations, and round-the-clock support.

What would IT outsourcing cost your SME?

Find out the rough costs of a total IT, Internet and Telephony solution. Just enter a few details for your non-binding Swissom standard offer.

Overview of our IT outsourcing solutions

Smart ICT – the all-in-one solution

  • IT outsourcing for your SME: Smart ICT is a solution tailored to your SME at a fixed monthly price.

  • Swisscom ensures the reliable operation of your IT, Internet and telecommunication.

  • Choose between a server in the Swisscom Cloud or operation of your on-premises server.

  • Fully equipped work stations including office software, anti-virus protection and laptops/PCs.

Calculate cost overview for your SME

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Managed backup – the backup solution

  • Back up your data in the Swisscom cloud in Swiss data centres

  • Daily automated backup of your data

  • Swift recovery of lost or deleted data

  • Support and data recovery by IT partners

Individual price

Managed Security

  • A powerful firewall with web filter and antivirus (optional) protects your company’s network from cyber danger.

  • The firewall is virtualised in the Swisscom Cloud and therefore has high availability (24×7 surveillance).

  • No limit to available bandwidth.

  • However your company develops, Managed Security will adjust when you scale your system (users, locations or bandwidth).

Per site (first site 60.–/mth.)



ICT Assessment — Your ICT environment audit

  • Analysis of your current ICT environment and its future viability

  • List of potential areas for improvement and risks

  • Suggested solutions with practical recommendations

ICT-Assessment basic package

CHF 4200.—

Get advice about IT outsourcing options without obligation

Your benefits with the Swisscom IT outsourcing solution

Advanced customised IT solutions for SMEs

You can put together the services you want on a modular basis and adjust your package as you like.

No worries with managed IT – you don’t have to do anything

Swisscom proactively manages the operation of your solution and continuously optimises your ICT infrastructure.

Professional IT support, around the clock

Swisscom is always there to assist you, and along with our regional partners offers you professional support for your ICT infrastructure.

How businesses use IT outsourcing successfully:

  • «When everything’s going well, nobody thinks to ask about data protection.»

    Water in the server room – a nightmare for any SME. And for Christof Lutz, managing director of Wilcowa AG construction machines, who was impelled to improve his company’s data security after an incident of water damage.

  • «Thanks to an ICT solution that meets banking industry standards, we meet all security requirements.»

    Lawyers and notaries prefer to keep their data in-house – or do they? Not the owners of the renowned Balex law firm, who want to enjoy the benefits of digitalisation with the help of Swisscom’s comprehensive Smart ICT solution.

  • «If a customer rings me up and asks me a question, I can find the answer straightaway.»

    After a serious IT breakdown, estate agency Eric Glauser SA, based in La Tour-de-Peilz, chose the Smart ICT solution because of the security, flexibility and efficient support that it provides.

  • «ICT isn’t giving me sleepless nights any more.»

    The seven-person Garage Klaus team offers its customers a full range of services, from car-buying advice to repairs. The Düdingen garage has sales and servicing contracts with Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Jeep, as well as servicing contracts with Dodge and Chrysler.

  • «The cloud gives us freedom and enables us to innovate.»

    Colortime SA and Isella & Foletti SA recently joined forces. Offering a comprehensive range of services, the new company is building an even stronger presence in the painting and plastering market. The merger has provided it with an ideal opportunity to tackle digitisation and concentrate fully on its core business.

  • «I don’t have time to worry about IT. It just needs to work.»

    Novoglace AG was the rst Valais-based company to hand over its computer and telephone operations to Smart ICT. The comprehensive solution provided by Swisscom and NETKUM saves time, money and stress.

  • «Not only is the new cloud solution allowing us to work more efficiently, but we are also saving money.»

    Swiss sheet metal fabricator Koller + Morgen with a total of three sites and around 45 employees performs various jobs for its customers, including punching, chamfering and locksmith work.

  • «The security of sensitive data is very important to us. The Swisscom cloud offers a secure environment for it.»

    Strict data protection requirements and the ability to work anywhere. These are among the reasons why St. Gallen-based finance company Trewitax decided to outsource all its IT to Swisscom and the cloud. But this is just the beginning.

  • «With Smart ICT, we are using our resources wisely and don’t have to worry about ICT at all.»

    Digital work processes are becoming increasingly important for Spitex organisations. Spitex Nebikon-Altishofen uses Swisscom’s comprehensive Smart ICT solution for its computer and telephone infrastructure.

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