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IT solution for the automotive industry

Our IT solution for
your garage

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The digitisation of the automotive sector requires garages to be flexible and have efficient workflows. An optimally designed IT infrastructure is integral to this.

Benefit #1

Year-round service

Leave the IT management to Swisscom. Your data is stored securely in the cloud and backups are no longer your responsibility.

Benefit #2


All customer information is stored centrally and can be accessed any time anywhere. Efficient working has never been easier.

Benefit #3

Fully equipped

Option to lease all laptops and PCs for a monthly flat rate. In the face of ever shorter investment cycles, it makes sense to lease rather than buy your IT equipment. Your IT infrastructure will thus require no capital expenditure and is always up to date.

Benefit #4


You can access manufacturer information directly on screen and enjoy a professional connection to industry software.

Benefit #5


Single point of access

Professional remote or on-site assistance for your telephony and IT support requirements from a central service centre.

Smart ICT for your automotive business

A new ICT (information, communication and telephony) solution will immediately boost the efficiency and success of your business, leaving you more time to focus on your customers.

Business IT Services

IT Management

  • An individual solution for your garage that can be adjusted and extended at any time.
  • Cloud storage, allowing you to access your data from any device at any time

Business Internet Services


  • Up to 1 Gbit/s data transfer speeds
  • Internet Backup fail-safe guarantee

Business Network Solutions


  • Professional network protection with a cloud firewall, anti-virus protection and web filter
  • Encrypted access on the move
  • Connecting multiple garage locations

Business Communication Services


  • Select the ideal communication package for every employee
  • Collaboration functions, such as chat and online meetings etc.

«ICT isn’t giving me sleepless nights any more.»

What should you do if your ICT is only running in first gear – but you urgently need to accelerate? With Smart ICT and a mobile Internet connection from Swisscom, Garage Klaus can finally step on the gas again.

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The Swiss Automobile Association AGVS recommends Swisscom as the partner for your entire ICT infrastructure (IT, Internet, network and telephony). Swisscom offers special conditions to all members.