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Managed Backup

Managed Backup

Secure backups for your data.

Benefit from daily backups of your servers, data and mailboxes to the Swisscom Cloud in Switzerland.

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Backup and restore

You no longer need to manage the backup of your data, servers or mailboxes. Our experts take over your secure, regular data backups in line with your requirements. Your data is backed up automatically on a daily basis for your chosen storage duration of 4 weeks, 6 months or 12 months.


Have you lost your data? In that case our SME IT helpdesk will help restore your data as quickly as possible – from the recovery of individual documents through to the restoration of entire servers.

Virtual and physical servers

Secure server backups to the cloud in Swisscom’s Switzerland-based data centres.

Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes

Your e-mails and mailboxes are stored securely in the Swisscom Cloud.

Data restoration

Rapid restoration of your company, server and mailbox data by Swisscom.

Benefits of Managed Backup

    Individual storage

Freedom to choose how long to store your data.

    Secure servers

Your data is stored off premise and securely in encrypted form in the Swisscom Cloud, on Switzerland-based cloud servers.

    Fast data restoration

Should you lose any data, we will quickly restore it for you.

    Competent IT partner

Your IT partner does the installation. We handle the secure, regular backups in line with your requirements.

    Predictable costs

You only pay for what you use and enjoy predictable costs thanks to our fixed monthly fee, with no other investment required.

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