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Online course and individual training for SMEs

Microsoft Teams training: Working with Microsoft 365 Teams

On our Microsoft Teams training courses, you will learn the basics and discover how to use Microsoft Teams efficiently in your day-to-day work. With our free practice-based online courses or individual Teams training, you will soon have a sound basic understanding of how to use Microsoft 365 Teams successfully. Train up your employees and discover new ways of collaborating in the Teams workshop.

Not only will the Microsoft 365 Teams application modernise communication within your SME (thanks to the Chat feature, for example), but it will also help you ensure smooth collaboration beyond the boundaries of your workplace (courtesy of file sharing, for instance).

Your benefits

Discover best practice based on our valuable experience

Practical relevance with direct application based on real-world examples

Individuality, in-depth focus on useful applications

When is it the right solution?

Have you successfully rolled out Microsoft 365 and Teams, and are looking to train your employees on the application?


In next to no time, your employees will learn the most important basics of the software and acquire more in-depth user knowledge, helping them get the most out of the software and become confident users of the tool. This will ultimately lead to an increase in user productivity.

What’s in it for you:

  • Training on Microsoft Teams
  • Practical knowledge and useful tips
  • Helpful, experienced instructors

Why Swisscom?

  • We gladly give your SME the benefit of our extensive experience.
  • As a certified Microsoft partner, we know precisely what the software can do
  • From our many implementation projects, we also perfectly understand the human factor


Free online courses

45 minutes

Basic course

Start with the basic online Microsoft Teams course and learn the most important basics.

45 minutes

Advanced course

Deepen your existing Microsoft Teams knowledge on our advanced online course.

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  • “Office 365 allows us to collaborate very flexibly from anywhere at any time.”  

    Susan Conza, managing director

    Asperger Informatik AG

  • “Office 365 is changing the way we collaborate. And making administration much easier.”  

    Matthias Löser, IT manager

    MEV Schweiz AG