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Online course: Microsoft Teams for SMEs

Microsoft Teams basics – basic course for SMEs


What to expect from the Microsoft Teams online course

  • Free Microsoft Teams training
  • All the basics on working with Microsoft Teams
  • Efficient teamwork and communication
  • Useful practical tips for SMEs

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Would you like to gain an overview of the new opportunities for communication and collaboration that Microsoft Teams offers SMEs? Our Microsoft Teams online training course is just what you are looking for and will give you answers to all your questions.


New dates are continually being added – register now.

Learn the basics  

Our basic course is designed to show you the basics of Microsoft Teams. You will learn how to use Microsoft Teams for efficient teamwork and collaboration to easily share information and work on documents together.


You will gain a fascinating insight with high practical relevance to enable you to start applying useful information directly within your SME to strengthen communication and collaboration.

How you benefit

  • Discover Microsoft Teams as the basis for online collaboration
  • Organise projects and collaboration on channels
  • Stay in touch via the persistent chat feature and have channel conversations about projects and meetings
  • Share and edit files together and at the same time
  • Discover many more handy tips and tricks

You are a Microsoft 365 user (not an administrator) and would like instructor-led training on Microsoft Teams basics. If you already understand the basics and would like to deepen your knowledge and gain some handy tips for your day-to-day work, we recommend our advanced online training course.

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