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Cloud Server & Services

«We run our programs, platforms and apps ourselves and would like to enjoy the benefits of cloud services»

SMEs that run internal CRM/ERP systems or web/app solutions depend on a reliable stable server environment and scalable processing capacity. Budgeting and investment security top the list of priorities when it comes to IT infrastructure solutions.

Overview of cloud server & services

Dynamic Storage

  • Get as much storage space as you like within minutes

  • Adjusts to suit your needs at any time, including billing by the minute

  • Geo-redundant data storage with 99.9% availability

  • Data encryption possible (AES 256 bit)

  • Easy storage and user management in the self-service portal

0.60 per GB /mth.


Dynamic Data Center

  • Quickly set up any number of server and network environments using a management tool (vCloud Director)

  • Maximum flexibility in designing servers to suit your needs

  • Option of hybrid solutions and distributing performance capacities (e.g. your own cloud and the public cloud)

CHF 0.011 /hour


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Your benefits with the Swisscom server solution

Only pay for what you need at the time

Server or development environments can be purchased on demand and adjusted as required.

Secure and highly available

All our server and cloud solutions are operated in Swisscom’s secure geo-redundant data centres in Switzerland.

Professional support

Specialist know-how and support from us for the server infrastructure. You stay in control of your data.

How businesses use cloud services successfully:

Imholz Autohaus AG

Thomas Imholz is the owner and managing director of Imholz Autohaus AG in Cham. In his company, all relevant information, from customer appointments to parts management, passes through a heavily used server.

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