Dynamic Computing Services

Just right for your business

Computing power and storage as required from the Swisscom cloud

Get IT power on demand from secure Swisscom data centers – at the exact time and in the exact quantities that your business needs at the time. Our Dynamic Computing Services (DCS) will make your company more agile without you having to invest in expensive hardware.

Overview of your options

Cisco Award 2015

Business application hosting

  • Securely manage CRM/ERP or other applications in the Swisscom Cloud
  • Develop IT solutions in the cloud with no previous knowledge
  • Only pay for what you actually need
  • Scale server capacity flexibly to meet your needs
  • Choice of 3 different service levels

Outsource large volumes of data

  • Archive large volumes of data automatically
  • Archive and recover several file versions
  • Only pay per GB for you what you need
  • Easily, rapidly and flexibly scalable at any time

Outsource server environments

  • Outsource the entire server and network infrastructure to Swisscom
  • Converge several servers flexibly
  • Quickly perform data backup, recovery and configuration at any time
  • Don’t risk any natural catastrophes

Managed databases

  • Database operation for computing-intensive IT applications like CRM/ERP, data mining or analytics applications
  • Fast setup and use of Oracle databases
  • Use live and test environments

Benefits of cloud computing services

Agile and easy

Services can be upscaled and downscaled easily and flexibly. You only pay for what you need with Dynamic Computing Services. You can make changes easily and quickly yourself.

Data and software application security

Cloud-based IT with the highest security standards. Data security, availability and operation of your applications are guaranteed. Use of Swiss data centres.

Cloud computing by experts

Enjoy specialist know-how for cloud services for your business. Support for cloud servers, data storage and distributed IT operation.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with dynamic computing services from Swisscom

Swisscom provides storage and processing capacity for your data and applications. IT processes for computing and storage are run on a distributed basis - you stay in control. Capacity can be extended to suit your needs. Data availability and security is ensured by using computing and data centres in Switzerland, which is also relevant to the legal aspects of data protection. Get no-obligation advice on Swisscom’s cloud computing services, use the know-how and support of our experts and enjoy the benefits of cloud solutions in your business.

Our service offering

All four products are available in the DCS self-service portal and can be used and managed as you like via a login.

Dynamic Data Center

The virtual data centre for operating your sophisticated IT solutions.

Dynamic Storage

The virtual storage facility for securely outsourcing your data.

Dynamic Database

The virtual Oracle database rounds off your IT solution.

Dynamic Data Center in detail

  • Quickly set up any number of server and network environments using a management tool (vCloud Director)
  • Use comprehensive network functions (firewalls, load balancers, internal networks) (i)
  • Maximum flexibility in designing servers to suit your needs
  • Option of hybrid solutions and distributing performance capacities as you like (e.g. your own cloud and the public cloud)
  • Self-service functions via graphical user interface and API, including data recovery
  • Use the Swisscom server templates or easily create your own for fast configuration setup
  • Use any operating systems (requirement: VMware-supported)
  • Hourly snapshots (stored for 48 hours) and daily backups (stored for 30 days) can be activated
  • In addition to IaaS, OS Management also available via Swisscom

From CHF 0.011/hour (CHF 74.-/mth)

How to use your Dynamic Data Center
  • Suitable for extensive IT applications and network environments
  • Creation of several individual internal environments
  • Optimum protection with firewalls
  • Redistribute IT workloads in a few mouse clicks

Your benefits
  • Fast adjustment of your IT environment to changed business and market needs
  • Satisfies the highest business and security requirements
  • Only pay for you what you need
  • Greater agility and dynamism for your business
  • No technology-related risks
  • Less IT effort in your SME

Dynamic Storage in detail

  • Get as much storage space as you like within minutes
  • Adjusts to suit your needs at any time, including billing by the minute
  • Geo-redundant data storage with 99.9% availability
  • Secure data transmission via https
  • Data encryption possible (AES 256 bit)
  • Easy storage and user management in the self-service portal

6 Rp. pro GB / Monat

How to use your Dynamic Storage
  • Use the Swisscom Cloud as a backup solution or virtual hard drive
  • Outsource valuable and/or large volumes of data for virtual secure storage
  • Compliance with data storage legislation in special sectors
  • Digital data archiving

Your benefits
  • Configure and put into operation in a few mouse clicks
  • No investment in expensive hardware; you only pay for what you actually use (monthly billing)
  • Easy and efficient storage of backup/restore and archive data
  • No technology risks; hardware is always state of the art
  • Supports standard backup software

Dynamic Database in detail

  • Single databases with 99.5% availability
  • Databases with high availability (99.9%) and Real Application Clusters (RAC) from Oracle
  • Disaster recovery option so that all configurations can be quickly recovered in emergencies
  • Backup option for greater security
  • Fast creation, deletion and adjustment of databases (scaling is virtually limitless)
  • Managed service by Swisscom with the option of 24/7 monitoring and support
  • No minimum service period
  • Data storage by Swisscom in Switzerland

From CHF 62.34/day

How to use your Dynamic Database
  • Use databases for CRM/ERP or data mining and analytics applications
  • Temporary use of databases for projects
  • Increase performance for year-end processing
  • Compliance with data storage legislation in specific sectors (e.g. banking, IT)
  • Fast use of test databases
Your benefits
  • Save time on database provisioning
  • Only pay for you what you use
  • No need to buy licences or tie up capital
  • Maximum data security with data storage in Switzerland and maximum availability



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