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«Automatic backup of our company data on a regular basis is important to me.»

Swiss SMEs are going digital because the benefits are obvious: SMEs save time and money. With a modern workplace model for your business, for instance, which employees can use quickly and easily from anywhere. Or data backup in the cloud without high infrastructure costs and effort, promising automatic regular backup and guaranteed recovery.

Secure Data Storage and Backups - Our Solutions

Managed Backup

  • Back up your data in the Swisscom cloud in Swiss data centres

  • Daily automated backup of your data

  • Swift recovery of lost or deleted data

  • Support and data recovery by IT partners

Individual price

Dynamic Storage

  • For archiving large data volumes

  • Data backup and recovery possible at any time

  • Exact billing per stored volume (you pay for what you use)

  • Security and legal compliance with servers in Switzerland


6 Ct./GB

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Your benefits with the Swisscom cloud solution.

Maximum security thanks to servers in Switzerland

Your corporate data is always secure and available thanks to the geo-redundant distribution of secure Swisscom data centres. You are also best protected from virtual (cyber attacks) and physical dangers (fire, water etc.)

No investment in hardware of your own

Maximum investment protection and budgeting security with fixed monthly fees. No purchase or maintenance costs for hardware.

Work anywhere

Work from home or on the move – on all end devices. Your data is always synchronised to let you work efficiently and save time.

How businesses use data storage & backup solutions successfully:

  • More time for productive project work for DD Consulting

    Max Enz is managing director of DD Consulting AG. DD Consulting develops innovative digital information and documentation systems for large plants such as waste incineration plants and power plants. To this end, it requires robust, high-performance IT and telephony systems.

  • «When everything’s going well, nobody thinks to ask about data protection.»

    Water in the server room – a nightmare for any SME. And for Christof Lutz, managing director of Wilcowa AG construction machines, who was impelled to improve his company’s data security after an incident of water damage.


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