• Advanced Calling

    Enjoy telephony at
    its most advanced level.

Enjoy telephony at its most advanced level.

Swisscom has equipped its 4G/LTE data network in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein for IP telephony (Voice over LTE technology). With the right smartphone VoLTE brings customers an even better voice and telephony experience. Another milestone is WiFi Calling, which aside from surfing also allows you to make calls over any WLAN access.

Advanced Calling: The benefits

WiFi Calling

With WiFi Calling you can make calls over both the mobile and WLAN network. To use WiFi Calling you have to activate it in the Device settings.


VoLTE allows customers with 4G/LTE-ready smartphones to make calls directly over the 4G/LTE network and not as previously over the 3G or 2G network.

Requirements for Advanced Calling

  • Mobile subscription: All inOne SME mobile and NATEL® infinity subscriptions
  • A 4G/LTE-enabled device of the latest generation and a software update by the device manufacturer.

Please note:

No emergency calls with international emergency numbers (112, 911) can be placed via WiFi Calling. We recommend using the fixed or mobile network for emergency calls.

The range of Advanced Calling enabled devices is being continuously expanded.

As soon as you meet the requirements for Advanced Calling, we will notify you per SMS.
VoLTE is automatically enabled. WiFi Calling has to be enabled manually on the device.