Advanced Calling

Advanced Calling

Enjoy telephony at its most advanced level.

Swisscom has equipped its 4G/LTE data network in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein for IP telephony (Voice over LTE technology). With the right smartphone VoLTE brings customers an even better voice and telephony experience. Another milestone is WiFi Calling, which aside from surfing also allows you to make calls over any WLAN access.

Advanced Calling: The benefits


You benefit from a consistently high surfing speed, even when making calls. From dialling a number to the phone ringing out takes just two to three seconds.


You always make calls over the best connection available (4G or Wi-Fi). WiFi Calling is only available in the range of a WLAN. Uninterrupted transition is not guaranteed.


The new technology saves your mobile phone battery. You stay in the 4G network permanently and energy-intensive switching to the 3G or 2G network is seldom necessary.

Voice quality

Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality – as if you were standing right next to the person. 

Name display

Take advantage this year already of having the names of persons and companies listed in the telephone directory displayed when you make calls.

WiFi Calling

With WiFi Calling you can make calls over both the mobile and WLAN network. To use WiFi Calling you have to activate it in the Device settings.

To the mobile phones with WiFi Calling

Note on emergency calls:
No emergency calls (112, 117, 118, 144, 147, 143, 911) can be made or transmitted via WiFi Calling for the time being. We recommend using the landline or mobile network for emergency calls



VoLTE allows customers with 4G/LTE-ready smartphones to make calls directly over the 4G/LTE network and not as previously over the 3G or 2G network.

To the mobile phones with VoLTE

Requirements for Advanced Calling

  • NATEL® subscription: NATEL® business infinity, NATEL® business infinity plus and NATEL® business infinity 2.0

  • A 4G/LTE-enabled device of the latest generation and a software update by the device manufacturer.