HD Voice

HD Voice

HD Voice

HD Voice (high-definition voice) is the new audio technology that noticeably improves speech reproduction quality on the smartphone and largely eliminates background noise, particularly in a loud environment (such as train, street).

What are the benefits of HD Voice?

You can make phone calls even when in a loud environment and can still clearly understand the person you are talking to. The background noise is reduced to a minimum and thus allows for a relaxed conversation.

The feeling that you are talking face to face with the person at the other end is significantly increased.

Delicate issues can now also be discussed over the phone as the audio quality allows for the equally flawless transmission of quietly spoken or whispered words. You can talk quietly – without anyone listening in.

What are the requirements for HD Voice?

  • The people at both ends of the connection are customers of Swisscom (NATEL® subscription or NATEL® easy) and the entire call is conducted on Swisscom's 3G network.
  • Both people on the call have a NATEL® that supports HD Voice. You will find a selection of HD Voice enabled devices in the Swisscom Onlineshop or in any Swisscom Shop near you.
  • If the requirements for an HD Voice call are met (this is recognised automatically), then the call is transmitted in HD Voice.

Who can benefit most from HD Voice?

  • Customers who frequently travel on public transport or are otherwise subjected to environmental noise yet rely on being able to hold serious and confidential conversations.
  • Customers who need to hold intimate conversations (no loud talking required).
  • Older customers with hearing loss or those with a hearing impairment.
  • Or customers who simply value crystal clear audio quality

Is HD Voice subject to a fee?

  • HD Voice is free of charge.
  • HD Voice is preinstalled and does not need to be activated by the customer.

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