Payment of termination fees

While having ordered an inOne mobile subscription, you have indicated that you want to benefit from the switch offer. As soon as you have received the final invoice from your previous provider, upload it here. We will take over all formalities and remaining costs of up to CHF 500.

Switch to Swisscom step by step

1. Order a new subscription and get your phone number

Choose an inOne SME mobile subscription and order it directly online with or without a mobile phone. Take your phone number to Swisscom and select the desired change date during the order process.

2. Upload final invoice from previous provider

We take care of all formalities for you. As soon as you have received the final invoice from your previous provider, upload it here.

Tip: Visit this page on your mobile phone to take a picture of your bill and to upload it.

3. Remaining costs of up to 500.- returned

If the final invoice of the former provider is verified, we will refund you the costs of up to 500.- as credit on the following twelve inOne mobile invoices.


Frequently asked questions

Here are the frequently asked questions on the switch offer you have chosen.

What is the switch offer?

Who can benefit from the switch offer?

What exactly are switching costs?

Are device instalment payments also reimbursed?

Who pays the final bill?

Why do I still receive monthly bills from the previous provider after I terminated my contract?

When do I have to leave my contract to benefit from the switching offer?

Can the reimbursement of switch costs be rejected?

When will I receive the first credit?

Swisscom will pay cancellation fees of up to CHF 500 charged by an existing provider to a customer who cancels their subscription in accordance with their contract by porting their number before the end of their minimum contract term. After their final invoice has been uploaded, the cancellation fee will be credited to the customer’s Swisscom mobile bill over a 12-month period. Valid when switching from another provider (except Coop Mobile, M-Budget and Wingo) to inOne SME mobile basic, go, premium or Swiss SME mobile flat with a 12 or 24 month minimum contract, activation fee CHF 59.90. The credit will not be awarded if the customer cancels their new Swisscom contract early or switches to a subscription excluded from this promotion.