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My Service — Personal expert support for your technical issues

My Service is a personal support offering from Swisscom for residential subscribers and SMEs. Our experts assist you with all technical issues: immediately on the phone, directly in the Swisscom Shop or conveniently at your home or office. My Service is available in a subscription, as a support package for a fixed price or on demand, billed on a time basis.

Set up

We set up your e-mail accounts
on all devices.


We help you to transfer data
between devices.


We get rid of viruses and malware on your devices.


We show you how to improve your computer and laptop.

No matter the technical issue, we have a solution.

All services in detail



My Service offers

My Service packages

For specific

You require one-off support for one of the following problems: We assist you with

      Set-up e-mail                                   40.–

     Transfer data                                   40.–

      Remove viruses                                      80.–

      Optimise computers                       160.–

      myCloud Starterkit                               40.–



Free advice: 0800 822 830

My Service subscriptions

For regular

You need regular assistance with computers and smartphones? We assist you with

      Set-up e-mail                                

     Transfer data                                 

      Remove viruses                                    

     Optimise computers*                       


From as little as CHF 19.–/mth.


Free advice: 0800 822 830

My Service advice


For personal

You are unsure which My Service package is right for your problem? We assist you with

– working out the problem

– finding a solution

– estimating the costs

– remedying the problem



Free advice: 0800 822 830

* My Service offers help programmes to check your computer for weak points and automatically remedy minor problems. My Service experts will be happy to assist with more demanding challenges.


My Service assists you over the phone and with tablet and smartphone issues also in any Swisscom Shop.

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Support topic

My Service description

Set up e-mail We set up an existing or new web e-mail address on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Transfer data We transfer data, photos or contacts from one device to another.
Secure data Data backup, data recovery, hard disk formatting and partitioning. We will be happy to take on this task for you.
Set up myCloud We help you to set up your myCloud including downloading the app, setting up the web client, help with registration, getting to know key functions and operation.
Remove viruses Viruses and Trojan horses can infect and damage your computer before you know it. We remove viruses reliably and use special software to ensure that your computer is checked regularly. We also give you tips and hints on how to reliably protect yourself in the future.
Optimise computers Is your computer too slow? We analyse and optimise your computer step-by-step with your consent. And we also help you when you want advice on buying a new device.
Computer installation We help you to get your new computer up and going.
Software installation We help you to install or update your software. For instance: Microsoft Office, drivers, anti-virus programmes, photo programmes etc.
Windows & PC problems Do you always get an error message on your PC or does Windows not function as well as you'd like after an update? Our experts will get your hardware back on track.
Peripheral devices Installation of peripheral devices like printers, scanners, external hard drives etc.