Order your mobile for CHF 0.– and pay later

No down payment, no interest, still discount prices:

  • customers can now choose to buy their device outright or pay in instalments. 
  • On taking out a new mobile subscription or renewal a smartphone can be ordered with no down payment, the discount device price with subscription is billed in instalments. 
  • No down payment, additional fees or interest due. 
  • The instalment payment term depends on the mobile subscription term (12 or 24 months). 
  • The instalment sum is conveniently added to the monthly bill. 
  • Available in combination with all current subscriptions for residential and SME customers.
  • Instalment payment is offered for devices priced CHF 48.– and more. 
  • Minimum age: 18 years.
  • The availability of the instalment payment plan is subject to a customer check.

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