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Fossil Group Europe GmbH | SME

Success Story of Fossil Group Europe GmbH

«Our priority was to find a partner who provided everything from under the one roof.»

Christian Würger,
Senior IT Director EMEA, Fossil Group Europe GmbH

Swiss ICT Quality for Europe

With around 14,000 employees, the Fossil Group ranks as one of the world’s leading watch and lifestyle accessory suppliers. Basel is the European headquarters – where the group’s IT and marketing activities are controlled. Fossil opted for Swisscom’s Microsoft SharePoint service for this job.

Initial situation: company seeks more stability and simplicity

Fossil products are retailed in Europe and the Middle East through the company’s own stores and sales partners. Fossil Group Europe provides distribution partners with current production information and marketing material for downloading from a Microsoft SharePoint platform. In the past, Senior IT Director Christian Würger complained about extended system failures: «The platform must be up and running 24/7. We had to do something about it. Handling was also complicated with two partners (hosting provider and SharePoint specialist), and the quotes for the necessary upgrade were too high.»

The solution: Swiss-made ICT from the cloud

Swiss-made is currently setting a precedent for the Texan-based group. It is not only investing substantially in its Swiss watch production, but is also relying on local talent for its new Microsoft SharePoint platform. As Christian Würger comments: «Our priority was to find a partner who provided everything from under the one roof.» Along with its subsidiary Axept Webcall Swisscom offers a full SharePoint service: hosting, migration, configuration, operation and local support. SharePoint Online is based on Swisscom’s Microsoft Office 365 solution – both services are cloud-accessed by users. This means that they have easy mobile access to data anywhere on all devices. Fossil benefits from ample storage capacity, maximum availability, predictable monthly costs, comprehensive support and expert local backup.

Customer benefit: as reliable as a Swiss watch

«Since Swisscom took over our Microsoft SharePoint platform we haven’t had a single fault,» praises Christian Würger. «Our distribution partners are very happy with the service. The billing model for the managed service is transparent: we pay a basic fee and a monthly flat rate per user. If we want to add more users, we simply buy new packages. We were surprised by the reasonable priced offered by Swisscom.

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