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Success Story of myclimate foundation

«It is also sustainable when our employees feel at ease. Vidia contributes to this.»

René Estermann,
CEO myclimate

Videoconferences with Vidia: good for the environment, good for business

The myclimate foundation is dedicated to climate protection worldwide. They frequently hold meetings using Vidia – thus achieving balance between efficiency and sustainability.

The challenge: make communication flow more smoothly

Frictionless communication is of central importance for myclimate as an internationally active company. The approximately 60 employees at various branches in Switzerland and abroad frequently exchange ideas at internal meetings. In addition, they engage in many conversations and negotiations with international customers. Online meetings are best suited for this purpose – but not all terminal devices were compatible with the tools used until now. This meant it often took a long time before all participants in the conversation were able to dial in. The number of participants was limited and only very few programs provided videoconferencing or desktop sharing.

The solution: more productive global exchange without the need to travel

With the Vidia videoconferencing solution from Swisscom, myclimate implements its high demands for sustainable and environmentally friendly business superbly. Travel has become superfluous as the quality of video meetings is almost as good as seeing people in person. In the secure virtual Vidia meeting room, up to 25 participants can talk simultaneously. Even participants without a Vidia account can dial in easily – using any terminal device. Documents, presentations or films can be shown on the participants’ screens at the click of a mouse, which makes collaboration and mutual understanding easier for all participants. It is logical that this helps myclimate achieve results faster at the meetings.

The result: time, costs and resources saved

“Sustainable business is not limited to simply restricting CO2 emissions,” CEO René Estermann says of myclimate’s strategy. “It is also sustainable when our employees feel at ease. Vidia contributes to this: work has become easier and more convenient. Of course, the hard facts also speak for Vidia – by cutting out travel, we avoid emissions. And because we can share content on screen, we no longer need to print as many documents. Ecology meets efficiency – a bonus for everyone!”