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Success story Staubli Getränke

«Starting up a new branch? No problem – we simply switch on the PC and every - thing works immediately.»

Marco Staubli,
Managing director, Staubli Getränke

Smooth operations around the clock

For four years, Staubli Getränke has placed its trust in a cloud ICT solution from Swisscom and its partner Seabix. The company gains a lot of time and can provide its customers with even better support. 

The challenge: outdated ICT infrastructure – what to do?

Business is booming, you want to expand but the ICT infrastructure is not yet ready for this: this was precisely the problem that managing director Marco Staubli was faced with a few years ago. He planned to open further branches of his beverages trading company and discovered that a major investment to modernise his ICT would be necessary for this. Wherever he looked, all the elements were out of date – the network, the telephony system, the workstation and printer solution, the e-mail and data server. Added to this were the excessively high telephony costs and the fact that the self-operated server infrastructure could not be expanded. “Sometimes we are en route to our customers day and night. We need a solution that works reliably at all times and with which we can work efficiently from anywhere,” is how Marco Staubli describes his requirements.

The solution: fresh ICT power from the Swisscom cloud

The Swisscom partner Seabix AG vigorously renewed Staubli Getränke’s ICT infrastructure. The cloud-based end-to-end solution is made up of several Swisscom products: the Internet connections are ensured using Business Internet Standard, and Business Connect is used for VoIP telephony. Thanks to Dynamic Computing Services, the company no longer needs to operate and maintain its own servers. Seabix operates the entire server infrastructure on the basis of the Swisscom visualisation solution: the VinX ERP application and Abacus financial accounting software run on Swisscom servers, as do the e-mail platform and data archive. Marco Staubli no longer needs to worry about backups, updates or security issues – and if he has a problem, he receives expert support from Swisscom’s partner Seabix. Thanks to transparent operating costs with the Seabix added-value subscription, he is also on the safe side when it comes to budgeting.

The result: high-powered service for a dynamic SME

“I am extremely pleased that I have a partner who skillfully manages everything relating to my ICT,” says a satisfied Marco Staubli. “Today, we access our programs and data from anywhere with any device. This means I can create or change an order at the customer’s site using a tablet. This saves me a great deal of time and bureaucracy. The cloud solution is extremely useful when I start up a new branch: everything is already prepared – I simply switch on the PC and phone and start working immediately.”

Staubli Getränke (PDF)