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Success Story of San GmbH

«As a science and conference agency, we work on around 15 to 20 projects at a time, all at different stages of development. Our staff are constantly talking to customers, suppliers and partners in more than 30 countries. It is therefore normal for one, two or often more tele-conferences to be held every day. We cannot imagine what our day-to-day work would be like without them.»

Susanne Karg,
Business Manager San GmbH

Reasons for your decision

Without tele-conferences, communicating with our project partners would be much more difficult. We would have to either collect individual opinions about every issue, which would make decision-making much harder and slower, or be constantly travelling in order to make arrangements with customers, experts and suppliers. This would not only make the projects considerably more expensive, but would also put an extremely large strain on our staff and the environment.


  • Greater efficiency: simple exchange of information with partners, suppliers and employees.
  • Greater flexibility: tele-conferences can be joined from any location and at any time.
  • Less travelling: Conferencing Services saves SAN GmbH around 40 short-haul and 60 long-haul flights each year.
  • Cost savings: more than CHF 100,000 of travel costs are saved every year.
  • Better for the environment: SAN GmbH saves more than 1,000 hours of travel time and the CO2 emissions of around 30 cars.
  • Easy to manage via the web portal.