«Vidia performs outstandingly, the customers are enthusiastic – that’s the way to make a pioneering service fun!»

Isabelle Busch,
Head of Interpreting Management at TRANSLATION-PROBST AG

Video interpreting: gain competitive advantages with an innovation

Although Switzerland is a multilingual country, often enough language barriers make business life more difficult. For this reason, more than 2,000 business customers place their trust in the services of specialist interpreters from TRANSLATION-PROBST AG. In order to bring them to important negotiations on site, until a short time ago journeys, travel costs and room rentals had to be accepted.

With a pioneering service, TRANSLATION-PROBST AG has perfected its interpreting service: Vidia – the cloud-based video conferencing solution from Swisscom – allows the business partners and specialist interpreters to meet in an uncomplicated manner without having to travel. They sit at a shared virtual meeting table – in other words, in front of their smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. Thanks to the excellent image and sound quality, they understand one another so well that even the key subtleties of the languages are picked up on.

The customers of TRANSLATION-PROBST AG benefit from the elimination of travel costs, greater flexibility when organising meetings involving an interpreter and the ideal running of the videoconferences. Vidia provides added value that many companies no longer wish to do without.