Asperger Informatik AG

“Office 365 allows us to collaborate very flexibly from anywhere at any time.”

Susan Conza, managing director, Asperger Informatik AG

Greater support for Asperger Informatik AG

Susan Conza is the managing director of Asperger Informatik AG. She employs staff with Asperger’s syndrome to provide web design, development and testing services. Electronic tools support her staff in their daily work.

The challenge: no proper overview or synchronisation

People with Asperger’s syndrome are often highly gifted and have exceptional analytical abilities. They are rarely involved in face-to-face contact with customers, team meetings or verbal communication, which means they are more dependent on professional, electronic means of communication for their collaboration. Incompatible software and inadequate storage capacity make their day-to-day work much more difficult.

The solution: a platform for simple and flexible collaboration

Memory bottlenecks, duplicated diaries or task lists are a thing of the past with the Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium package. This is because Microsoft Office 365 provides structure, organisation and transparency. The solution brings together Exchange, SharePoint and Lync plus all the familiar Office applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The package was successfully implemented by Swisscom’s partner HFN Installationen AG.

Product used

Microsoft 365

The complete business solution for more efficient cloud-based collaboration.

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