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Colortime SA und Isella & Foletti SA

«The cloud gives us freedom and enables us to innovate.»

Michele Di Cosmo, CEO Colortime SA and Isella & Foletti SA

Colortime SA and Isella & Foletti SA recently joined forces. Offering a comprehensive range of services, the new company is building an even stronger presence in the painting and plastering market. The merger has provided it with an ideal opportunity to tackle digitisation and concentrate fully on its core business.


The sky is blue. Even in Ticino, 15 degrees in the middle of January is warm. CEO Michele Di Cosmo and owners Ivo Foletti and Mario Oliverio are in a good mood as they welcome us to their new offices. They are very clear about the philosophy of their painting, plastering and plasterboard business, which also carries out renovation work. Its greatest asset is its staff: the bosses want them to be able to live and work in a way that suits them. Which is why the team is made up of real craftsworkers with a passion for beauty. “We want to give pleasure to everyone who loves quality of life by providing them with aesthetics and works of art,” says Michele Di Cosmo.


Di Cosmo and the company’s owners also wanted to find an attractive solution for its ICT. And they found one in the shape of Smart ICT from Swisscom. The modular, all-in-one package for SMEs includes IT, Internet and telephony for a fixed price from a single provider. What was it that made Smart ICT the right choice? On the one hand, Di Cosmo wanted to release the company’s management and employees from the burden and uncertainty of the previous infrastructure. On the other, the company would receive new tools to support its primary objective: top quality in everything it does.

A forward-looking decision to outsource

For the management team, the advantages of Smart ICT were obvious and the decision to entrust the company’s IT infrastructure to Swisscom was taken without hesitation. On-site ICT support and advice were also outsourced to Swisscom partner About-X. This forward-looking decision tied in with the company’s vision, in which innovation is central. The new solution meant that both companies’ ICT systems could be combined, making it easy to handle administrative and financial information and share all operational data. The advice and collaboration offered by About-X is greatly appreciated: thanks to the ICT service provider’s quality, expertise and speed of action, the two companies’ ICT systems were merged together within just a few months.


CEO Michele Di Cosmo was the person who benefited most from the new solution when it was first introduced. “The cloud solution gives me access to all current data wherever I am, which means I can be wherever I need to be. During the day, I spread my time between the office, building sites and customers, and it’s crucial that I am able to respond quickly to every request. In an environment where patience is rare, the ability to take fast, comprehensive action is an essential competitive advantage. I therefore need to be 100% ready to act at all times.”

More time to strive for top quality

Interaction between technical staff and employees working on building sites is now much faster than it used to be. Common access to the cloud means current projects can be evaluated in real time, decisions taken quickly and customers’ last-minute requests considered. ICT outsourcing means that all 60 employees can concentrate on their work without having to worry about backups, data security and protection or changes to IT infrastructure. This lightening of the workload is essential to the company’s ability to achieve the top quality for which it strives.

A building site in Balerna supervised from Hong Kong

The flexibility of Smart ICT enables individual customers to keep close tabs on their projects. A developer from Hong Kong, for example, awarded a contract for two houses in Balerna – and was able to monitor the work step by step. Thanks to his virtually immediate feedback, the work was completed professionally and on time. For the company itself, access to a well-organised real-time photo archive is vital, since it can show customers the wide range of possible solutions. The photo archive also gives everyone involved maximum operational security: details are photographed, uploaded and immediately discussed with architects, contractors and customers. Unexpected problems can therefore be resolved quickly and thoroughly

Innovation – a decisive competitive advantage

Like Swisscom, Colortime SA and Isella & Foletti SA are constantly striving for innovation. Indeed, the painting and plastering sector is also constantly being pushed forward by new advances. Ivo Foletti illustrates this with some examples. His company was the first in Switzerland to launch an extremely thin, heat-insulating plaster made of pit lime – a material used in ancient Rome – and aerogel, which is used in space travel. The company also uses environmentally friendly paints wherever possible and is the exclusive distributor of a special paint that insulates against electrosmog and is particularly sought-after in the health sector and among private customers. “Our craftsmanship is often based on traditional techniques,” explains Michele Di Cosmo, “but, at the same time, we also have to be very modern. With the implementation of Smart ICT, we can focus clearly on our core business and innovation: the things we enjoy doing.” ‘Uniti nel colore’ (‘United in colour’): this is the joint motto of Colortime SA and Isella & Foletti SA. The two firms are also now united in ICT and have embraced the path of digitisation. And they have decided to do it with Swisscom. Their hope is that their ICT partner will continue to innovate so that they can continue to strive for perfection, both now and in the future.

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