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«We want to give our customers the best picture with the best signal.»

Stefan Ruprecht and Mike Hersberger,
managers, Restaurant Dampfzentrale Bern

Where shared experiences bring joy and excitement.

Stefan Ruprecht and Mike Hersberger manage the restaurant Dampfzentrale in Berne. They are pioneers where public viewing is concerned and want to offer their customers a wide variety of entertainment and a first-class TV experience. To do this, they need a suitable solution that is easy to manage and takes into account the legal requirements concerning public viewing of regular TV channels.

The challenge: increasing expectations regarding infrastructure

Installing and operating the restaurant’s previous TV equipment was a time-consuming task for the restaurant managers and it was no longer up to modern standards. Both football fanatics, they continued the popular tradition of public viewing during EURO 2016, although for this tournament they used state of the art infrastructure to provide UHD images for the first time.

The result: exciting moments with satisfied customers and relaxed managers

Thanks to the new blue TV Public solution, customers can enjoy state-of-the-art technology and memorable moments. Restaurant Dampfzentrale has successfully negotiated EURO 2016 and its two managers value the fact that the new equipment is much easier to operate.

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