«Reliability and simplicity:
a new type of luxury!»

Marina Ostinelli, Manager, Director, Base Nyon hotel

In today’s society, reliable, simple, high-quality technology is a requirement that should not be overlooked. Providing such a service has become a priority in the hotel industry and the Base Nyon hotel has found the ideal solution.

Halfway between a hotel and a serviced apartment building, the Base hotel offers the best of both worlds, providing guests with simple, personalised services. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, the hotel embraces all the latest trends with the aim of meeting customers’ needs and current environmental demands. “We want to offer our guests everything they need to feel at home, as well as access to a high-quality hotel service with strong values,” explains the hotel’s director, Marina Ostinelli, adding that the model follows the principle of simplicity as a new type of luxury and rejecting the idea of investing in complex systems.

Looking for the ideal solution

Guided by this philosophy, the hotel opted for a tailor-made, integrated Internet and television system when it opened in October 2015. However, problems soon mounted up and the service clearly lacked stability. Staff were frequently asked by guests to update their TV boxes, or even replace them because they had stopped working. “It was an unbelievable situation both for the customers and for our staff,” says Marina Ostinelli. Keen to entice her customers with simple, innovative and 100% reliable solutions, the hotel director began the search for the ideal partner.In October 2019, the hotel launched a tender process, with set-up time and operating costs the two main criteria. However, after the chosen service providers visited the hotel, Marina Ostinelli was in for a shock: The television sets in all 52 rooms would need to be changed in order to be compatible with the new solution. For her, this was out of the question: “Our hotel is very new and our TVs are in perfect condition.”

An innovative, reliable, simple service: just like at home!

Impressed by the Swisscom solution she used at home, she looked for an equivalent service for the hotel and discovered the new blue TV Host service. In their initial discussions, Swisscom said they could provide the solution on the hotel’s existing TV sets, an unexpected piece of good news that would save the hotel significant additional expense and time. In collaboration with Bavitech Systems Sàrl, the local partner chosen by the hotel director, Swisscom developed a reliable, personalised solution tailored to the hotel’s specific requirements. Aware of the financial constraints and the need to get the new system in place quickly to make the transition easier, Swisscom and Bavitech Systems Sàrl completed the installation process in less than a fortnight. The hotel director was amazed at how quick and simple the process was: “It only took around 15 minutes to install the solution in each room, and there were no problems whatsoever!”


Every room now has its own TV box and secure highspeed Internet connection. “We now offer access to 300 channels in various languages, which our international, business and private guests greatly appreciate,” says the hotel director.She is also pleased that Swisscom is developing a personalised welcome screen that will display guest-specific information, a huge asset for a hotel that makes a point of providing personalised services. The new solution came as a huge relief for the hotel director, who is determined to provide the best possible service for her customers. “Since it was installed in October 2019, the quality of the service has been impeccable,” she beams. The service’s reliability is made possible by intelligent cloud technology that enables the provider to manage all the updates and maintain it remotely. With the necessary work in the bedrooms completed, guest comfort has been greatly enhanced and life is much easier for all the hotel’s staff.

The Base Nyon hotel

The resolutely innovative Base hotel, situated in the heart of Nyon, has 52 bedrooms, all equipped as studio apartments. The hotel attracts Internet-savvy, well informed, demanding guests who want a high-quality, personalised service. By combining new technologies with a sustainable economy, it aims to give every customer a truly unforgettable experience.

“To offer a unique customer experience, you have to make the right choices.”

Marina Ostinelli,
Director, Base Nyon hotel

Product used

blue TV Host managed

blue TV Host managed now brings Switzerland’s favourite television service into residential homes and hotels. The comprehensive package includes blue TV, WLAN for residents and guests, and Managed LAN. A certified Swisscom partner covers the operational side and provides support for all communication services.

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