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Spitex Lenzburg

Spitex Lenzburg

“We received a modern, expandable ICT solution that relieves us of many worries.”

Daniel Lukic,
managing director, Spitex Lenzburg

Greater stability and security for Spitex Lenzburg

Daniel Lukic is the managing director of Spitex Lenzburg. He and his 52 employees enable people in need of care to live independently at home. They carry out around 60,000 assignments per year. This huge commitment would be unthinkable without effective administration in the background.

The challenge: frequent interruptions due to vulnerable servers

In order to carry out their daily assignments and the associated administrative work, Daniel Lukic and his team need a stable, high-performance ICT infrastructure. The previous internally operated servers often broke down and were becoming increasingly expensive to maintain.

The result: freedom to move and comprehensive support

The entire infrastructure is now managed by Swisscom partner Seabix and can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements. The combination of Business Internet Services and Business Connect covers all employees’ Internet and telephony needs. The organisation procures its server resources from the secure Swisscom cloud by means of Dynamic Computing Services.

Products used

Dynamic Computing Services

Computing power and storage as required from the cloud.

And what can we do for you?

No matter the size of your company, with Swisscom you always have a reliable and competent partner at you side, who has the right products and services for you. Arrange a personal appointment with us, so we can get to know your needs better and work together to develop an individual offer. We are looking forward to your contact.

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