Business POS

“The POS system is as usefulas an efficient staff member.”

Shukrane Maliqi, Cake creator and owner, Süsse Tortenträume

The story in brief:

At Shukrane Maliqi’s cake shop in Brig, sweet dreams really do come true. To make sure the figures are as spot on as her recipes, she uses Swisscom’s new POS system.

A stone’s throw from Brig railway station, you’ll find a magical world: ‘Süsse Tortenträume’ (sweet cake dreams) is a shop that certainly lives up to its name. Owner Shukrane Maliqi creates delicious cupcakes and shows photos of them with infectious enthusiasm.

She had dreamt of running her own cake shop for ten years. “I love seeing people’s beaming smiles when they receive one of my sweet creations,” she says. “When I suddenly had more spare time because of the coronavirus pandemic, I thought: it’s now or never.” With husband Avni’s help, she got to work. “I couldn’t do it without him,” says Shukrane. The business got off to such a successful start that now – just a few months later – she is having to turn orders away, in line with her motto: “Quality not quantity!”

Süsse Tortenträume

  • Shop and café in the centre of Brig
  • Cupcakes, cheesecakes and individually commissioned cakes
  • Opened: June 2021

The project with Swisscom

  • Fast installation and commissioning
  • Self-explanatory, user-friendly POS system
  • Powerful software for time-saving processes


This Swisscom product is successfully used by Süsse Tortenträume

Business POS

Business POS is a versatile POS system that includes hardware, software and Swisscom support. Everything is controlled via a central system – with no need for any IT knowledge: item, warehouse and customer management, shift planning, online reservation, online shop as well as business reports and statistics. Swisscom support includes on-site installation and training, help with technical issues and application support via remote access for user questions. Business POS can be flexibly extended with accessories and connected to Worldline and TWINT for payments.

The figures need to add up. And the POS system also needs to be right.

Shukrane Maliqi’s recipe for success is not only based on a thousand and one delicious ingredients. In her view, cakes for weddings, birthdays or other special occasions should always be highly personal. “That’s why I listen very carefully to my customers when they tell me their stories. I design my cakes accordingly: they are all unique.” Of course, the takings also need to add up because the rent still needs to be paid. Husband Avni took charge of finding the right POS system – as a technology expert, he had plenty of know-how to offer. And since Shukrane already had retail experience, it did not take them long to draw up a list of requirements for their POS solution. They posted them on an SME platform and received a number of offers, including one from Swisscom, which suggested its Business POS solution. “With Swisscom, we feel we are in good hands. After a phone call with an expert and an online demonstration, we decided Business POS was right for us. And it had to be ready quickly!” says Avni Maliqi.

Ready, install, go!

Thanks to good preparation, Swisscom experts were able to install the POS solution very quickly. A Swisscom technician also helped with the commissioning process. “We did it all in one afternoon,” recalls Avni Maliqi. “We added all the items we sell to the system and put our logo and VAT number on the receipts. Swisscom also organised card payments with Worldline (previously SIX Payment Services) faster than we had hoped. Our customers can pay with all common credit cards and with TWINT.

Portrait Shukrane Maliqi

«I simply enter a new product directly at the checkout.»

Shukrane Maliqi, Cake creator and owner, Süsse Tortenträume

Our POS system has been running smoothly since day one.” The system has just one flaw, however, says Shukrane Maliqi: “Our gift vouchers are printed on normal receipt paper. It’s rather impersonal, so we’re looking for a more elegant solution.” For day-to-day business, however, her POS system is invaluable. “The POS system is as useful as an efficient member of staff. For example, if a customer wants a special cake, I can easily and quickly add it to the till system directly as a new product. That’s very useful when I’m serving. I also like the fact that the system is self-explanatory.”

A till that saves time.

Shukrane Maliqi runs ‘Süsse Tortenträume’ on her own, without any employees. Husband Avni helps out from time to time, but he is usually busy doing his own job. They have three children. How does she do it? “With lots of flexibility,” she explains. “Our POS system helps as well. My fears over getting a new till system were unfounded. We can do the daily accounts and add new items on a mobile or laptop at home in the evening. We also save a lot of time exporting data from the system to the accounting and VAT software. We can get statistics on products, daily breakdowns and so on at the touch of a button. All in all, the POS system fits our business model perfectly.” Storing customer data, on the other hand, is unnecessary: “My cakes go from person to person. I keep my customers in my personal memory bank!”