• Is your home your office too?

    Working at home has benefits, but it also poses challenges. How do you separate and combine business and private affairs? Are you making the most of your technical infrastructure? You can combine our solutions to meet your needs.

Your requirement: keeping your business and private affairs separate

"I want to make it easier to separate my business and private affairs and make flexible decisions about when I can be contacted."

We recommend:

Business Telephony App

The Business Telephone app lets you make business and private calls on a smartphone using a fixed network number even when you are out of the office.


  • Managing accessibility and call forwarding any time, even on the move
  • Simultaneous ringing, such as incoming calls ringing on your fixed-network telephone and your mobile phone at the same time


With My SME Office: Ideal for up to 5 employees or for simple telephone requirements
With Smart Business Connect: Ideal from 5 employees or for extended telephone requirements

Your requirement: data storage and exchange

"I want to save my data securely and share it with partners."

We recommend:


  • Personal storage for your company
  • Secure cloud storage in Switzerland
  • Simple data exchange between internal and authorised external partners
  • Backup function for your PC and server data
  • Data that is always up to date on shared, digital storage
  • Unrestricted scalability to meet specific needs

Your requirement: professional web presence

"It is important to have a professional web presence and to be visible in the Internet."

We recommend:

With a free 4 month trial


  • Personal website you can design simply and easily
  • Design templates; no programming experience required
  • Integrated search machine optimising
  • Automatic optimising for mobile devices
  • Social media integration
  • Up to 4 languages possible

Your requirement: Make admin work easier

"I want to be able to deal with admin work as easily and quickly as possible."

We recommend:


  • From offer to invoice in just a few clicks
  • Upload and post receipts
  • Goods management and ordering
  • Manage customer data and appointments
  • Time management for projects

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