Business POS: catering

Transparent POS system for the Swiss gastronomy and hospitality sector

Are you looking for a versatile sales register for your restaurant, café or bar, which is easy to operate but still allows you to customise processes? Business POS is a sales register solution that simplifies your everyday work leaving more time for your guests.

A comprehensive yet simple POS software for the catering/hospitality industry

In addition to enabling faster service, the digital POS system also supports you with online reservations and orders, statistics, stock management and more. The system offers extensive options but remains simple to operate. To get you off to a quick and successful start, we provide you with on-site support. Following this, you can easily make further adjustments yourself within minutes and without any specific IT knowledge, no matter whether your menu changes each day, you alter your table layout or new employees join the company.

Your guests...
  • order and reserve online, by phone or on the premises
  • are served more quickly
  • pay separately without difficulty

Service person takes the order at the table on the POS device

Fast ordering and payments at the table

Taking orders digitally at the table and transmitting them directly to the kitchen speeds up your service and guarantees customer satisfaction. The system also makes it quick and easy to split bills and take payments.

Centralised management of tables and reservations

Adjust your table plans according to the day of the week or capacity and manage all reservations centrally in one place: spontaneously, by phone and online. This means you can keep a constant overview of your venue’s capacity.

Electronic POS system shows reservations

Woman tapping on smartphone

Evaluate figures and optimise your offers

Which dishes are hardly ever ordered? Which days of the week and times of day run best? Which employees generate the most sales? How much is the average bill? A wide range of statistics can provide helpful figures to make your business even better.

Your benefits

Takes the pressure off, even during busy periods or when new staff start, as the system is simple and intuitive to use straight away.

Enhances your online presence, which can generate additional sales, and saves time as customers place orders online and manage reservations themselves.

Simplifies daily adjustments and the evaluation of statistics thanks to straightforward access from laptops, tablets and smartphones.

When is this the right solution?

If your current catering sales register is outdated, you want to open a new or additional restaurant or offer online ordering, our POS system is the right choice for your catering business. The solution is up-to-date and will remain up-to-date: with regular, automated updates included in the price.

To help you get the most from our reliable solution, we provide on-site installation support and 30 days of full setup assistance. After that, our support hotline is there to help you at any time. If necessary, they can take an immediate look at your POS system via remote access and provide further assistance.


Would you also like to access the POS software yourself while you're on the go? Not a problem! Use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to make adjustments. These are visible immediately on all other devices in the POS system, even across multiple locations. And you can easily expand the POS system whenever additional devices are added.

A POS system with all the trimmings

The right catering/hospitality sales register for every situation

Electronic cash register, enforeDasher, with touch screen stands on the counter

On the counter –

Take orders or plan table occupancy: you can take care of both very simply via the large touch screen. A compact receipt printer is already included. You can connect cash drawers, scanners and other devices at any time.

Electronic cash register, enforeDonner, with contact-free use

Serving guests at the table –

Enter orders directly at the table on the handy enforeDonner so that the kitchen and bar know about them immediately. With the integrated contactless card reader and automatic bill splitting, the payment process is also really easy.

Electronic cash register, enforeComet, with touch screen stands on the counter

Save space on the counter or in the kitchen – enforeComet

Record the orders or table occupancy at the counter. Furthermore, your kitchen team can see what has been ordered online and on the premises on the screen at all times. enforeComet is also really flexible thanks to various stands, wall brackets and connections provided as accessories.

More than just a POS system​

A wide range of functions

  • Sales register (POS) system
  • Business reports and statistics​
  • Item management ​
  • Warehouse management​
  • Customer management and retention​
  • Online reservation system
  • Online shop
  • Staff planning

Flexible cloud solution

  • Access from a smartphone, tablet and laptop
  • Always up-to-date thanks to automatic updates
  • Switches automatically to mobile network in the event of outages
  • Adjustments immediately visible on all devices
  • Additional sales registers are available straight after login
  • Access information anytime and anywhere
  • Secure data, even in the event of a defect or outage

Effective support for your future

How to get started

On-site commissioning and training on the most important points

Further support and setup via phone and remote access for the first 30 days

How we provide you with further support

Free support hotline for telephone assistance with technical problems as well as application support via remote access, even after the 30 days have expired

Free replacement device in the event of a defective sales register

  • Smartphone with loyalty card and POS system with loyalty programme

    Increase customer satisfaction

    Launch loyalty programmes and ensure the customers visit you regularly. Take a note of preferences, allergies or special requests in the system and enthuse customers with excellent service.

  • Statistics of the electronic POS system on laptop and smartphone

    Use the system irrespective of location and device

    Access the POS system and associated information, such as customer data, statistics and reservations, from the restaurant, on the go on your smartphone or in the office from your computer. Do you have more than one site? Manage them at the same time in a single system.

  • Electronic POS system with an overview of the table plan

    React quickly to change

    Daily specials, temporary promotions and different table plans can be managed quickly and easily. Even when the weather changes, you can support your employees with quick modifications to the checkout display to show different offers depending on the time of day, the season or whether guests are seated indoors or outdoors.

  • Mobile POS device shows menu course management on screen

    Coordinate the kitchen and service

    The Course Management function allows the kitchen and service staff to optimally coordinate the timing of individual courses optimally with each other. Clear, unambiguous orders are sent direct to the kitchen including all the choices and additional requests, and the service team is notified as soon as the dishes are ready.

  • Laptop with online shop for restaurants

    Offer online ordering and delivery service

    Let your customers choose and order dishes from your menu online at any time. In addition to collection from your premises, you can also offer home deliveries. The POS system can quickly create a slick online shop for you and provide logistical support.

The top functions
of the catering POS

Faster service

Take orders digitally and send them straight to the kitchen

Flexible payment management

Quick, customer-friendly payments

Manage and customise things yourself

Make changes yourself

Exclusive menus

Clear display and coordination of complex orders

Reserve tables online

Manage all reservations concisely in one place

Simply get started

Operation is really easy

One device for everything

Just one handy device for everything

Maintain an overview

Keep an eye on tables and occupancy

Everything under control

View figures and make evaluations wherever you are

Interface and data export

Simplify your accounting

Offer conditions