Business POS: electronic POS

The right POS hardware for your business

Choose a modern sales register that is right for a company with direct customer contact and take advantage of the additional features of electronic POS system compared to a simple sales register. The monthly rental charge includes the POS devices and support. In addition, you can use the extensive software on other devices for free.

Access the electronic POS system via other devices

Don’t just use the POS system on the sales register itself. Access it easily from internet-compatible devices such as tablets, smartphones or computers at any time and from anywhere.


Set up the POS system optimally to meet your needs, with practical accessories such as a receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer or mount.

What’s in it for you:

  • Système POS adapté à chaque domaine d'utilisation avec différents appareils
  • Installation sur place et assistance incluses
  • Accès de n'importe où avec un smartphone, un PC ou une tablette


  • Electronic cash register, enforeDasher, stands on the counter
  • Electronic cash register, enforeDasher, with customer screen
  • Saleswoman using a Business POS system

The practical sales register for the counter

Large touchscreen provides a quick overview and enables easy operation

Integrated receipt printer and customer screen on the back with practical barcode scanner for loyalty cards and discount coupons

Can be combined with other enfore sales registers, sales register accessories and internet-compatible devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)


  • Electronic cash register, enforeDonner, with card reader
  • The modern design of the electronic cash register, enforeDonner
  • Electronic cash register, enforeDonner, in mobile use

The mobile sales register with card reader

Complete POS system available in a single mobile device

No separate card reader necessary, as it is already integrated

Can be combined with other enfore sales registers, sales register accessories and internet-compatible devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)


  • Electronic cash register, enforeComet, with touch screen on the counter
  • Statistics on the electronic cash register, enforeComet
  • POS system on a tablet for the point of sale from Swisscom

The space-saving sales register for the counter, kitchen or warehouse

Full range of functions on the space-saving touchscreen

Place anywhere thanks to handy stands and wall brackets

Can be combined with other enfore sales registers, sales register accessories or devices with internet access (PC, tablet, smartphone)

Get started with the POS sales register solution

What do you get with Business POS?

  • POS devices and support for a monthly rental charge
  • Access to extensive software
  • Use via smartphone, PC or tablet without additional costs
  • Other functions included such as online shop or reservation
  • Commissioning and training on-site
  • Support via support hotline and remote access

Practical POS accessories

Scanner, cash drawer and receipt printer as accessories


Our sales register solution provides a broad range of accessories including cash drawers, receipt printers and scanners.


List of accessories

Use the POS system on all devices

POS devices from enfore

enforeDasher, enforeDonner & enforeComet

Computer and laptop

PC & Mac

iPad and iPhone

iPhone & iPad

Android smartphone and tablet

Android smartphones and tablets

Collecting payments: The possibilities

Sales register and card terminal in one device

Card payment with the enforeDonner

Use standard card readers

Card payment using Worldline


Mobile payment with TWINT


Easy cash payments


Creation of and payment with vouchers

Online shop

Pay by credit card, PayPal, on collection or by invoice

Offer conditions