Energy Control Switch


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Consente la gestione e la misurazione del consumo di corrente di un dispositivo allacciato.

  • Allows to control (turn on and off) and measure power consumption of the devices connected to the adapter;
  • Easy use : optimized for Internet-Box app, and new myStrom app
  • Very compact and easy to install : the Energy Control Switch is connected through WLAN to your router
  • Requires WLAN access and smartphone or tablet (IOS or Android) to enjoy all functionalities

Product description

Use the myStrom switch to conveniently switch your standard lamp on and off from the couch and simulate presence when you are on holiday. The switch also has a programmable timer to automatically switch off all appliances at night and thus save electricity. The switch is conveniently connected per WLAN to your Internet-Box (can be used with Swisscom Internet-Box 2/standard/plus)

Terms of contract

product guarantee period: 24 months