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Product description

WLAN-Box 2 guarantees optimum WLAN reception. WLAN-Box 2 offers three useful functions in one:

  • It extends WLAN reception as a repeater
  • It magnifies the WLAN range of your Internet-Box as a WLAN Access Point
  • It connects the Swisscom TV-Box to the Internet-Box wirelessly

WLAN-Box 2 supports the latest WLAN standard (Wi-Fi 6) and provides a significantly higher WLAN speed of up to 4.8 Gbit/s, a higher WLAN capacity for even more devices and a reduced risk of WLAN interference Problems.

WLAN-Box 2 is ideal:

  • For combating poor WLAN coverage in your property
  • For use in detached homes and large or multi-storey apartments and office buildings
  • If your router is installed in a wiring cupboard

WLAN-Box 2 is compatible with the following Internet-Boxes:

Internet Box 2, Internet-Box 3, Internet-Box standard, Internet-Box plus

Additional information

Help with setup

Brief description of functions

Repeater: extends WLAN reception

WLAN Access Point: extends the range of the router

Connected to the TV-Box

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