Swisscom DECT/Rousseau Repeater


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More coverage for your wireless phones

  • Automatic call transfer Base Station/Repeater
  • Easy connection to the Base Station
  • Supports HD sound quality calls
  • It's possible to use 2 Repeaters

Product description

The Swisscom DECT/Rousseau Repeater offers a range of 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors. This way you can make sure that remote areas are also covered. Simple installation:

Automatic connection to the already prepared Base Station. You can simply plug the power supply contained in the package into any electrical socket.


Compatible with

Aton CL112, Aton CLT112, Aton CL113 Duo, Aton CL114, Aton CLT115 Duo, Aton CL116, Aton CLT116, Aton CLT120 Duo, Aton CL311, Aton CLT311, Aton CL317, Aton CL501, Aton CL411 ISDN, Aton CLT411 ISDN, Aton CLT418 ISDN, Aton CLT615 ISDN Paket, Rousseau 10, Rousseau 310, Rousseau 310 Duo, HD-Phone Nyon



DECT base station of a compatible Aton device or the Rousseau base station



The repeater does not work with the Arosa, Ascona, Davos, Locarno, Montreux or Zermatt HD-Phones. On the Internet-Box the repeater can be used with compatible DECT cordless phones, which are connected to phone 1/phone 2 or the Rousseau base station, in turn connected to the Ethernet port.



Swisscom DECT/Rousseau Repeater manual [DE, FR, IT]

Terms of contract

product guarantee period: 24 months