Feeling uneasy about your IT security?

With our solutions for SMEs, you secure your data traffic and network with minimal effort.

Six months for free
6 Monate kostenlos

Our solution for your network security

With Managed Networks and Managed Security, Swisscom offers a solution that allows you to protect your data traffic and your entire network with a professional, cloud-based firewall and an antivirus service.

The entire security solution is operated by Swisscom and is always cutting edge thanks to regular updates. Once the solution is installed, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

   CHF 600.— credit towards the installation fees

Try it now. Get in touch and benefit.

Get in touch with a Swisscom IT security specialist now and receive Managed Security for six months free of charge and Swisscom will pay you CHF 600 towards the installation fee. Offer only valid as part of a bundle with our Internet solution Business Internet Services.

Alternatively, you can also call us on 0800 055 055

If you take out a new Business Internet Services contract (all types, e.g. M for CHF 125.—/month) with Managed Security, you will receive the product Business Network Solution (including light) worth CHF 60.— per month, the Managed LAN option (without hardware) worth CHF 25.— per month, the Managed Security option worth CHF 60.— per month and the Antivirus option worth CHF 10.— per month free of charge for the first six months. After that, the standard prices mentioned will apply.

In addition, you will receive an invoice credit of up to CHF 600.— for the installation costs (an invoice credit of up to CHF 100.— each month for six months). Monthly invoice credits may not exceed the amount of the monthly Smart Business Connect invoice amount. Any invoice credits exceeding this maximum amount will expire and cannot be transferred to other products or the subsequent invoice. Offer valid until 31.12.2023. The minimum term of contract for Business Internet Services is 36 months; installation fees are owed to the Swisscom partner that installs the product. The offer does not apply to existing Business Internet Services customers and is not available for a simple change of subscription. Cannot be combined with other promotions.