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    How secure is your company? Find out more.

Contrary to popular belief, SMEs are often the target of hacker attacks. The consequences can be serious, often including system failures, loss of data and financial losses, not to mention damage to a company’s reputation. Careless or insufficiently aware employees also pose a serious security risk.

On this page, you will find immediate assistance and tools to optimise your IT security, additional information and articles – in fact, everything you need to know about IT security for SMEs.


Our IT security service for you

Free security check for your SME

How secure is your company?

Discover what risks your company faces and how you can protect it. You will need approx. 10-15 minutes for the evaluation.

Quiz: Test your security knowledge

Are you aware of the threats your company is exposed to from the Internet on a daily basis? Test your knowledge in our security quiz and expand your knowledge! (only in german)


Security training for your employees

Careless or insufficiently aware employees pose a very serious security risk. Use our e-learning to train your employees. In this short, 15-minute e-learning cource, we will show you in three levels how you can protect yourself more effectively thanks to simple codes of conduct and tips.


Our webinar on the subject of IT security

SMEs are a favourite target of cyber criminals because their IT security tends to be inadequate, making them easy to hack. In our webinar, discover the biggest security gaps of SMEs, the consequences of hacker attacks and loss of data, and how to protect yourself.

Our solutions for your IT security

For secure data storage

We have a range of solutions for secure data storage, backups and web infrastructure for every requirement and any size of SME.

Daily backups

For daily backups of your servers, data and mailboxes in Switzerland – to the Swisscom Cloud in Switzerland.
Go to Managed Backup


Storage and communication tools

Traditional Microsoft 365 applications, such as Excel and Outlook, and cloud-based services, such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, ensure creative and productive collaboration.
Go to Microsoft 365

Flexible IT systems

Benefit from virtual systems and storage space from secure Swisscom data centres.
Go to Dynamic Computing Services


Webseite & hosting

Create your own website using the HomepageTool and host it securely in Switzerland.
Find out more about HomepageTool


For the secure IT infrastructure

Protection for your devices

For maximum service & support

No-obligation advice from our experts

Telephone consultation

Appointment with an IT expert

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Satisfied customers

Trewitax AG

The numbers add up with IT

Strict data protection requirements and the ability to work anywhere. These are among the reasons why St. Gallen-based finance company Trewitax decided to outsource all its IT to Swisscom and the cloud.



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Water on the ground, backup in the cloud

Water in the server room – a nightmare for any SME. And for Christof Lutz, managing director of Wilcowa AG construction machines, who was impelled to improve his company’s data security after an incident of water damage.


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Article about IT security