Minimise data loss through malware with backups every few minutes and Swiss data centres with the highest security standards.

Cloud storage for your business -
adaptable and secure

While residential users have access to various web services for transferring data between several users, there is a shortage of comparable services for businesses. Storebox is designed as a personal storage space for your business. Storebox provides secure data communication inside and outside your business.


Nothing gets lost

Automatic back-up function for your PC and server data in the Swiss cloud.


Maximum security

Thanks to secure Swiss data centres, you enjoy the highest security standards.


Anywhere and at any time

Easy secure access to your data via web portal, Storebox or third-party provider applications.


Unlimited scalability

Depending on storage capacities and the number of users, it can be adapted to your needs at any time.


More efficiency

You always have access to current data in your shared digital data Storebox. Share data easily with colleagues and authorised external parties.


Competent support

Telephone and online support supplied by our Swisscom specialists.

Access your business data anywhere

You always have access to current data in your shared digital data Storebox.
Share data easily with colleagues and authorised external parties.

How to share data easily and securely

You work with customers and external business partners every day. Wouldn’t it be practical if you could share access to business data anywhere? Storebox lets you access your data anywhere and at any time. Find out here how to turn your mobile office into reality.

Share files with employees and external partners easily using Sync&Share.


Save business data from your PC in the cloud using the backup function.


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Questions & Answers

Is my data secure? Is redundancy provided and are there data backups?

Swisscom is committed to maximum security and data storage in Switzerland. Your business data is encrypted and stored in Swisscom data centres in Switzerland. Backups are distributed over several data centres for geo-redundancy. Storebox data is backed up automatically at regular intervals and saved for 30 days. End customers can recover data themselves.

What happens when my free 30-day trial version expires?

You will receive a reminder e-mail to activate your Storebox around 1 week before the trial phase ends. If you do nothing, the trial period expires and your Storebox is deleted (including the configuration and any user data that is not backed up).



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