• How do you stay on top of your daily business?

    Successful collaboration calls for good communication – within your team and with customers and partners. Smooth communication saves time and makes a good impression. We offer new solutions that make it easy for you.

You need: to increase your productivity

“We often work cross-locationally in a team or with externals and would like to increase our productivity with modern communication tools.”

We recommend:

Unified Communications & Collaboration (with Smart Business Connect)

  • Integrated application for telephony, online meetings, instant messaging (chat) and screen sharing
  • Save travel time and costs via online meetings
  • Also invite external partners, suppliers and customers to online meetings
  • Gets you ahead faster. Clear up issues using chat during calls.
  • Get answers faster: select the right communication channel depending on availability of contact person
  • Continue conversations uninterrupted from one device to the next

Your requirement: Shared data storage and exchange

“It is important that the employees working in and out of the office have access to our data – and that it is secure.”

We recommend:


  • Personal storage for your company
  • Secure cloud storage in Switzerland
  • Simple data exchange between internal and authorised external partners
  • Backup function for your PC and server data
  • Data that is always up to date on shared, digital storage

Office 365

  • The complete business solution: Office programs, e-mail, calendar, contacts, video conferencing and online storage included
  • Secure release of files for colleagues, customers and partners and joint collaboration on current documents
  • Apps - access and work on files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your mobile device
  • Online meetings with functions like screen sharing

Your requirement: office networking

“We work at different locations and want to access a connected corporate network”

We recommend:

Business Network Solutions (with Smart Business Connect)

  • Networking several locations with a VPN connection
  • Secure RAS access to the company network on the move or from home
  • Fixed IP addresses for running web and mail servers
  • Network environment can be adapted easily and flexibly in a couple of hours
  • Consolidation with a modern IP telephony solution possible

You need: a flexible server infrastructure

“We want to use the server and IT infrastructure flexibly and only pay for what we actually use.”

We recommend:

Dynamic Computing Services

  • Flexible use of the entire IT infrastructure (server, processing power and memory) on demand
  • Secure and seamless integration into your existing corporate network
  • Structures can be adapted dynamically within minutes and self-management is possible
  • End-to-end service guaranteed
  • No need for an expensive infrastructure of your own
  • Security and legal compliance with server sited in Switzerland

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