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“Think business with Penny Schiffer”

Part 3: Consumer sales

After finding out more about SME and enterprise sales, it’s time to take a look at consumer sales.


“Think business with Penny Schiffer”

Part 1: SME Sales

In the first part of “Think business with Penny Schiffer”, we dived deeper into SME sales.


"Switzerland stands out because of its originality of content and the quality of its Virtual Reality productions"

To develop a scalable sales model for your own business, you need to know what kind of customers you’re dealing with. There are three main segments...


Working together to shape the City of the Future

Eleven weeks, eight start-ups, one vision: smart cities. Working together with cities and companies, the Kickstart Accelerator finalists...


Intrapreneurship vs Startup Scouting – Do we want to make or buy Corporate Innovation?

In my role as Head of Startup Initiatives at Swisscom I am not only responsible to scout the “right” startups for the different business units at Swisscom...


A fast jump into Silicon Valley

For its fifth time in a row the Swisscom StartUp Challenge brings five Swiss startups to the Silicon Valley for a tailor-made acceleration program...


“We have additional potential to link available data together better”

HackZurich 2017 was remarkable, inspiring… and is already consigned to the history books. Five international teams worked on the Datasport...


Big Data for Big Impact:
Improving quality of life

As we are enjoying summer, we are all frustrated when we plan to meet friends in the city centre and end up in a traffic jam...


Swisscom StartUp Challenge: Off to Silicon Valley!

August 17th, a hot, sunny day in Biel. While others were enjoying the sun, the ten finalists of the Swisscom Startup Challenge were preparing there...


Call for Innovation – The Inside Out Approach to Scout Startups

Call for Innovation (C4I) is a new initiative to scout startups. What is it about and why do we need it? André Schraner, initiator of the C4I, is answering...


“We need a new image for coffee”

Coffee connoisseurs are hardly in short supply. One who has completely devoted himself to the subject is Benjamin Hohlmann. The 34-year old is a...


The Power of Communities in the Digital Age

From Kelly Hungerford to Alisée de Tonnac, 8 incredible women have been invited to talk about their role as a community builder...


"The angel community is still incredibly monolithic"

Brigitte Baumann is the Co-founder of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing and part of this year's jury of the Swisscom StartUp Challenge.


Swisscom StartUp Challenge: Why You Should Apply

The fifth Swisscom StartUp Challenge is under way: Penny Schiffer, Head of Startup Initiatives at Swisscom, tells you what to expect and...


A success story: Startup Challenge winner Advanon

As one of the most successful fintech startups in Switzerland, Advanon closed its second financing round in January 2017, including an investment...


Scouting for Startups – Learnings from our 1st Call for Innovation

Last Friday, 11 successful startups from Europe, Israel and North America pitched their solutions as part of our newly introduced Call for Innovation.


Lessons Learned: Five Fintech Startups from the Kickstart Accelerator

They have been selected among the ten fintech startups from the Kickstart Accelerator being part of the 3 month program that aims to push...


“Think business with Penny Schiffer”

Part 2: Enterprise Sales

In the first part of “Think business with Penny Schiffer”, we dived deeper into SME sales.


Building a Bridge between Startups and Corporates

It's always the same with the Kickstart Accelerator – you think the program only just started when you realize it's almost over...


"The power of networking is so big here in the Valley" – about the 2017 Acceleration Program in Silicon Valley

Sunday 24 September, 4pm. The CEOs of the five winning start-ups AlgoTrader, ecoRobotix, 1Drop Diagnostics, OneSky and Advertima have just....


"If it wasn't for the Kickstart Accelerator, we would still be talking about that project"

Kickstart Accelerator offers a specialised programme for intrapreneurship projects from the participating partners. Within the vertical Smart...


8 Smart-City Start-ups and 1 Intrapreneur team will join the Kickstart Accelerator in September

This year’s Kickstart Accelerator boot camp took place in beautiful Zurich and Swisscom, as a partner of the Smart City acceleration program...


"10 Fintech Startups Ready to Kickstart"

It's been one week since the selection bootcamp of this year's Kickstart Accelerator took place that we, as a sponsor of the fintech vertical, were part of.


StartUp Challenge 2017 –
201 Startups Have Applied

201 startups have applied for our StartUp Challenge! To get some background information about them, we summarized some key...


"Signing a deal with three of the largest Swiss companies gave us a lot of credibility"

Janis Graubins, CEO of Notakey hit the jackpot of last year's Kickstart Accelerator.


One year later: Nanolive, Winner of the StartUp Challenge 2016

It's been one year since the startup Nanolive applied for the Startup Challenge – had the chance to go to Silicon Valley and...


"When the start-up adviser becomes a regular customer"

Swisscom employs a nine-person advice team specialising in new businesses. The team helps customers in the exciting start-up phase and...


"Come with a product or even revenues – not just slideware"

These days, many large corporates work with start-ups. From the start-ups’ point of view, these opportunities raise numerous questions...


Playing in the Top League: The Startup Challenge Winners in Silicon Valley

Imagine the most exhausting day you could have in your job. One where you couldn’t take a single minute to relax...


A live demo @ Stanford, crazy VC meetings and lot of great advice

Last Sunday, the five winners of the Swisscom Startup Challenge boarded LX38 to fly out to San Francisco for a week full of business meetings...


«Passengers are impressed like they would be of a magic trick»

One year ago, one of the ten finalists of the Swisscom Startup Challenge, the startup BestMile was selected as the audience’s darling...

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