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Building a Bridge between Startups and Corporates

It's always the same with the Kickstart Accelerator – you think the program only just started when you realize it's almost over – three months of hard work, exchanges with mentors and partners, trainings and events – time flies by way too fast. Fortunately, a program with great impact: Swisscom confirmed Proof of Concepts with two of the fintech startups.

Pia Schneider, 17. November 2017

One of the main goals of the Kickstart Accelerator (KSA), besides accelerating startups, is building a bridge between startups and corporates in order to foster the process of collaboration between the two. As a global partner of the program and sponsor of the fintech vertical among other corporates, our fintech team has engaged in close exchange with both the KSA team and the startups. They’re consistently scouting for new technologies and businesses which would bring value to our fintech engagements and partnerships with banks. Now, at the end of the program, we're very happy to have the following Proof of Concepts (PoC) confirmed:

PriceHubble and eVoja

PriceHubble is enabling real estate market participants to make smarter decisions by providing real estate valuations, predictive pricing, market location ratings and powerful visualizations. The Zurich-based startup is applying state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to large amounts of real estate data. Looking back at the program, Markus Stadler, CEO and Co-Founder of PriceHubble states: "Acceleration is a good term to describe what happens during these three months: The KSA reduces the distance between the corporate and the startup world and speeds up the process. We're likely to close three Proof of Concepts at the end of the program."


The PoC with Swisscom aims to integrate services that PriceHubble offers into the existing Swisscom Banking service eVoja, in order to increase the value proposition. eVoja is an innovative consulting tool that enables customer advisers of banks to interact in a new way with their clients. With this solution, advisors can respond immediately to client requests and interests in a client meeting and visualize a variety of different solutions in the fields of mortgage, investment, pension planning and client lifecycle. Markus adds: "We're looking forward to the pilot project with Swisscom and hope to add value to their existing product.

The Open Banking Hub with Apiax and Baloise Bank SoBa

The second PoC with a fintech startup of the KSA has already been announced: The Open Banking Hub supports the cooperation between the RegTech startup Apiax and Baloise Bank SoBa:


The Zurich based RegTech startup Apiax transfers complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules which are being kept up to date and verified all the time. Apiax is an API-first company, so banks, fintechs and asset managers can integrate them easily into their processes to make sure their applications always stay compliant. On the one hand, for banks and their customer advisors, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is a major challenge, on the other hand, meeting the stringent compliance requirements of the banks is often an insurmountable hurdle for third parties – especially FinTech companies.

The Swisscom Open Banking Hub connects SoBa with Apiax through a secure platform exchanging digital information within the financial ecosystem. The Open Banking Hub is offering every market player access to all available APIs on the hub through one single connection.

Nicolas Blanchard, Co-Founder of Apiax is happy about it: "The Kickstart Accelerator connected us with an amazing group of entrepreneurs and mentors. Seeing Proof of concepts happen even before the closing day of the program speaks for itself. The Open Banking Hub is a great tool to accelerate partnerships between fintechs and banks, such as ours with Bank SoBa."