• Collaboration
    with Swisscom

    Swisscom offers various options to boost your startup. From validating your problem, selling your product through Swisscom to our existing customers, us becoming your client, or fundraising your next round, we are looking for great new ideas.

What we are interested in:

We are happy to consider applications from start-ups with scalable digital solutions so that, together, we can push innovations forward and bring new products and services to the market. In particular, we are looking for solutions in the following areas:

FinTech & Blockchain

Banking, Risk Management, Smart Contracts, Ownership & Identity, Security, Governance, Storage, ERP, Loyalty & Reputation, Financial Marketplace, Digital Trust Services, Crypto Property Services


Discover the Swiss FinTech startup ecosystem with the FinTech Startup Map

Data & AI

Business cases and services leveraging our data, Reliable and efficient solutions ensuring privacy for big data applications; Compiling large amounts of data for decision making, Simplifying complex processes and communication between humans and machines



Network & Infrastructure Security, Security Operations (SecOps), Endpoint & Mobile Security, Cloud & Data Security, Compliance & Governance

Telco & IT

Core Telco Technologies, Disruptive Business Models, Value Adding Services, Innovations in Customer Service, Digital Enterprise Solutions

Robotics & Drones

Business applications and models with robots and drones with a primary focus on inspection, security, retail, facility management, and construction; data analytics and modelling software; fix-installable sensors for relevant data; drone defense.

Cleantech & Energy

Business cases and technology that allow us to save twice as much CO2 as we emit with our whole operations

What types of collaboration we offer:

  • Sell to Swisscom: We become a customer of your start-up
  • Sell through Swisscom: We sells your product to our customers as a reseller
  • Joint Go-to-Market: Joint product and service development; sale through Swisscom
  • Acquisition of startups: your startup is acquired by Swisscom

What others say about working with us

Quote from Manu Lubrano (Involi):

«Swisscom helped us demonstrate the need for our product by giving us access to their infrastructure and by supporting us in shaping our business. I am impressed by how a big company as Swisscom can be so dynamic and startup oriented!»

What we are interested in:

  1. We look for disruptive ideas, technology and business models that radically change the way we think about a market. We are not looking for incremental improvements.

  2. You must be a tech start-up. Not a lifestyle business or SME.

  3. You have validated your business model with paying customers and have a clear competitive advantage. You can apply your go-to-market strategy or it is already established.

  4. You need to want to conquer the world , even if focused locally at present. We need a global mindset.

  5. Most importantly, you need to be a passionate, smart, talented team that can execute an exceptional standard.

How it works

1. Collect & Evaluate

A good match between your start-up and Swisscom is important to us. We carefully check applications and analyse how we can best complement each other as partners and profitably combine our respective strengths.

2. Co-Creation & Proof of Concept

After adding you to our programme, we work together to develop the product further. We test the solution internally or place it in one of our sales channels and collect customer feedback.

3. Implementation

If a partnership makes sense for both parties, we will decide together what form it should take. This can range from the sale of the solution to us to acquisition of the start-up by Swisscom.

Apply now for collaboration!

We are looking for innovative products and services in these areas that already have a first prototype and are now ready for a proof of concept.


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