• Collaboration
    with start-ups

    Do you know your customers and have you validated your value proposition with them? Is your product already or nearly on the market? If so, here you will find further information about the process and the areas we are particularly interested in.

We support start-ups from these sectors:

IT & Telecommunication

Disruptive Telco Technologies, Value Adding Services, Innovations in Customer Service, Digital Enterprise Solutions

TV & Entertainment

Content Personalization and Recommendation, User Interaction, Codecs & Delivery, IPTV, Web TV, AI Content & Metadata Analysis

Advertising Technology

Personalization Technology, Advertising Services, Digital Marketplaces, eCommerce Enabler, SMB Services

Cloud Services

Swisscom Application Cloud Technologies & Services based on Cloud Foundry, disruptive technologies in cloud computing



Smart Data

Business cases and services leveraging our data, Reliable and efficient solutions ensuring privacy for big data applications


Financial Marketplace, Digital Trust Services, Crypto Property Services


Cleantech & Energy

Business cases and technology that allow us to save twice as much CO2 as we emit with our whole operations


Enabling Technologies, VR/AR Applications for Enterprise and Consumer market


Banking, Risk Management, Smart Contracts, Ownership & Identity, Security, Governance, Storage, ERP, Loyalty & Reputation

Internet of Things

Innovative devices and applications that use our connectivity LPN and M2M

Artificial Intelligence

Compiling large amounts of data for decision making, Simplifying complex processes and communication between humans and machines

Smart City

Smart Mobility, Smart Building, Healthy Living, Urban Planning, Operations & Infrastructure


Services leveraging our E-Commerce Marketplace Siroop, Enabling Services for E-Commerce

Digital SME

Front-Office Solutions (Digital Marketing, Customer Service), Back-Office (Accounting, HR & Payroll, Education & Learning)

We are interested in start-ups in these phases

Validation phase

You have a finished product/service, not just an idea
You know your customers and their needs, as well as your competitors
You have drawn up a scalable business model
You have a clear vision and mission

Growth phase

You have validated your business model with paying customers and have a clear competitive advantage
You can apply your go-to-market strategy or it is already established
You have defined your roadmap and are in the scaling phase
You have sufficient financial means to generate dynamic growth

As a partner, we offer

Expert knowledge

Experts from our internal and external network are able to advise you, based on years of experience.

Networks & infrastructure

For product development, we offer you test devices, our telco infrastructure and development tools.

Simpler market access

Benefit from Swisscom’s network and reach when you launch your product.

How it works

1. Collect & Evaluate

A good match between your start-up and Swisscom is important to us. We carefully check applications and analyse how we can best complement each other as partners and profitably combine our respective strengths.

2. Co-Creation & Proof of Concept

After adding you to our programme, we work together to develop the product further. We test the solution internally or place it in one of our sales channels and collect customer feedback.

3. Implementation

If a partnership makes sense for both parties, we will decide together what form it should take. This can range from the sale of the solution to us to acquisition of the start-up by Swisscom:

Sell to Swisscom
Swisscom becomes a customer of the start-up


Sell through Swisscom
Swisscom sells the product to its customers as a reseller


Joint Go-to-Market
Joint product and service development; sale through Swisscom


Venture Investment
Swisscom buys shares in the start-up


Acquisition of Start-up
Swisscom acquires the start-up

Apply now for collaboration!

We are looking for innovative products and services in these areas that already have a first prototype and are now ready for a proof of concept.


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The co-creation experts

We look forward to receiving your applications and collaborating with you.


Head of StartUp Initiatives

Special Interest: Artificial Intelligence



Head of Fintech

Special Interest: Future Banking, Blockchain in Finance



Innovation Hub Manager

Special Interest: eCommerce


Open Innovation Developer

Special Interest: Advertising Technologies



Open Innovation Developer

Special Interest: Market place and Big Data