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We are looking for start-ups that change the world

We are always on the lookout for strong partners in the ICT sector so that, together, we can get exciting new products and services off the ground. We are particularly interested in pioneering projects in the following areas:

  «Internet of Things»
  Smart mobility
  Intelligent electricity networks and alternative electricity supply
  Cloud-based business solutions
  Mobile payment systems
  Big data and data analysis
  Telecommunications, multimedia and Internet solutions

What we offer:

Before we enter into a partnership with a start-up, we analyse how we can best complement each other as partners and profitably combine our respective strengths. If the result of this analysis is positive, there is no reason why we shouldn’t become partners. In order to test out your idea together, we support pilot projects with smart money. You retain all the rights to your product. Swisscom’s infrastructure for joint product development includes the following:


Expert knowledge

Experts from our internal and external network are able to advise you, based on years of experience.

Simpler market access

Benefit from Swisscom’s network and reach when launching your product.

Technical infrastructure

For product development, we offer you test devices, our telco infrastructure and development tools.


Then send us your pitch.

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