CES 3.0 available Swiss-wide

The re-launched Carrier Ethernet Service (CES 3.0) is our managed Layer 2 service for cost-effective and flexible Ethernet connections, supporting the latest MEF CE 2.0 certification with scalable bandwidths up to 10 Gbit/s, best-in-class quality-of-service and the best on-net coverage in Switzerland.

The MEF CE 2.0 certification covers our E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree and E-Access service offerings and will streamline interoperability with telecom service providers, achieving faster time-to-market while reducing costs and operational risks. All services are available on-net/off-net across Switzerland with high-end fiber access and best-in-class quality-of-service for the most demanding business needs (Basic and Premium).

With CES 3.0, you can benefit from our new CES Light service, offering a cost-effective low-end copper access solution with scalable symmetrical bandwidths up to 20 Mbit/s.  This service is available for on-net sites with comprehensive quality-of-service for small/medium size business needs (Basic Light and Silver Light).


CES Basic

For high-end data applications requiring round the clock troubleshooting and typical annual end-to-end service availability of 99.90%.


CES Premium

For high-end mission-critical data applications requiring proactive service monitoring and guaranteed annual end-to-end service availability of 99.95% (Premium Silver) or 99.99% (Premium Platinum).


CES Light

For low-end data applications with limited troubleshooting and typical annual end-to-end service availability of 99.50% (Basic Light) or extended troubleshooting with proactive monitoring and guaranteed annual end-to-end service availability of 99.80% (Silver Light).


CES Benefits
  • Improved interoperability, lower operational risk and accelerated time-to-market with MEF CE 2.0 standard services (E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access)
  • Scalable bandwidths up to 10 Gbit/s and flexible VLAN IDs allocation by telecom service provider
  • Improved quality-of-service with extended annual end-to-end service-based availability, up to seven (7) classes of service (CoS), VLAN/CoS preservation and on-demand performance visibility (loss, delay, jitter)
  • Cost-effective low-end copper access with CES Light
  • Best geographical coverage for all services in Switzerland


CES Product Factsheet

You can find more key facts regarding the new Carrier Ethernet Service 3.0 of Swisscom in the following product factsheet.

CES Service Manuals

These documents contain all key information on CES.

Product-independent contract elements
  • Access Terms and Conditions
  • Billing Handbook
  • Definitions and Abbreviations Handbook

Further information on operation, billing, prices, etc. are provided in separate handbooks, which can be obtained from Swisscom Wholesale if required. 



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