Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access (DIA) is our fully managed Layer 3 Internet service for low cost and flexible Internet connections. It includes four different connection configurations and customer premise equipment (CPE) that can be managed via the Wholesale portal.

Your benefits

Rapid deployment times and immediate adjustments thanks to digitised processes.

Central administration of all product modules via the Wholesale portal.

High availability thanks to the optional Premium Silver SLA.

Provision and on-site installation can be carried out completely by Swisscom employees on request.

Four flexible connection configurations (NAT, PPP pass-through, IP pass-through, DMZ).

Unfortunately, no orders for fibre extensions can be accepted at the moment. DIA is currently only available on existing infrastructure.

Contract documents

DIA Basic Light


Cost-efficient and powerful Internet connection


Swisscom CPE included




DIA Premium Silver

Proactive service monitoring


Troubleshooting around the clock


Guaranteed annual end-to-end service availability of 99.95%



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