Order FTTH optical fibre connections for ultra-fast bandwidths

Is your end customer currently renovating a property and would like to take this opportunity to order a fiber-optic connection right into his home or business? Or does he simply want even faster Internet at his location?

He can order a fiber-optic connection (FTTH) from Swisscom to his own premises at his own expense. This allows ultra-fast bandwidths of up to 10 Gbit/s.

As soon as the optical fibre socket involved (OTO) has been installed and connected to the network, you can procure BBCS or DIA as usual in the desired configuration for your end customers.

Please note the following:


  • The feasibility of installing FTTH is checked individually for each inquiry.
  • In each case, the entire building is connected (i.e. a fibre-optic connection will be provided to all units of use).
  • The house owner participates in the construction costs from the transfer point of the cable ducting / property boundary. We will prepare a corresponding offer after checking the feasibility.
  • The installation costs depend on the individual framework conditions and the number of units of use. The following example can be used for guidance: connecting a property with four units of use costs approx. CHF 10,000.


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