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In 1998, our partner Akamai created a highly scalable system for providing content, which could compensate for load peaks caused by flash crowds at any time. Since then, the requirements being placed on the provision systems have changed significantly. Nevertheless, the definition of a Content Delivery Network  (CDN) is still the old one for many companies.

The next generation of Content Delivery Networks is faster and more reliable; it supports companies in handling and exploiting the challenges and chances of the modern Internet.

This includes protection against Web attacks, convergence due to the optimisation of content for all kinds of end devices, and also the management of image and video workflows. What’s more, all of this is provided during the operation of your web offer. 

Akamai Netalliance Gold

Status of CDN services

It is becoming increasingly difficult to satisfy your online visitors. Find our how other companies are using the next generation of CDN services to reach the streams of visitors around the world on all kinds of end devices.

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Akamai Cloud Security Solution

Online threats are changing at an alarming pace. Protect your servers against the largest and most sophisticated attacks with the Akamai Kona Site Defender, Which includes integrated DDoS protection and an intelligent web application firewall.

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Reliable today, outdated tomorrow?

Web and mobile performance are directly related to conversion rates. This means they have a direct influence on the financial success of your company. Find out why you need to adapt your infrastructure for today and for the future.

The next generation of CDN - overview

Research report: status of CDN services

When it comes to the latest CDN solutions, users of digital media around the world are in agreement: content must be accessible quickly and in a versatile manner from any device.

Read this white paper from Unisphere Research to gain some insight into the latest developments in the utilisation of digital content and find out how you can use a Content Delivery Network to best manage the challenges.