VoIP Interconnection

Joining the digital future step-by-step with Swisscom

The switch to All IP is currently taking place all over the world. Swisscom is also preparing for the coming technology change and, in addition to the TDM interconnection interface, we are now offering you the possibility of connecting your network to the Swisscom network via an IP interface.

The basic service offering for VoIP interconnection includes network services, network access services, number porting, terminating, transit, value added and reciprocal services.



Your benefits
  • Everything from a single source and Swiss-wide coverage: With an interconnection interface, you can reach every provider in Switzerland.
  • Offer your end customers high voice quality via the VoIP interconnection
  • We can support you in planning the migration from conventional circuit-switched network architecture to the completely IP-based next-generation network.



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