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In a world where global challenges are affecting and shaping
our environment, Innovation is the key to address new requirements and expectations in business and personal life.

Overview of our services


Simplicity redefined: Make
life simpler for your customers with Swisscom Data.


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Swisscom customer data
for your success



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IP Peering and Transit

Our offer includes IP Peering & Transit connectivity via 1GE and 10GE connections to different locations



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At Swisscom, we believe in the continuous improvement of our product portfolio.
We constantly assess new services or technologies in order
to select the best solutions for our customers.

We work in partnership both with start-ups and established players. For any relevant
opportunity, we launch a quick proof-of-concept, followed by a
general deployment if the results are matching expectations.

If you are an Internet company or a service provider, and think that
Swisscom should provide a new service that you would use,
please do not hesitate to contact us!