CDN Services

A CDN is a network of geographically distributed servers with
the task of providing digital content locally:
fast, highly available, secure and scalable at any time.

CDN improves the end customer experience and offers comprehensive protection:


  • Your digital services are available no restrictions, even in times of very high-demand access
  • Fast load times improve the SEO ranking, decrease the drop rate and sustainably strengthen the perception and reputation of your brand
  • You increase the turnover of your digital business or the ROI of your application
  • You do not have to invest in costly infrastructure or additional bandwidth
  • Your website and business-critical applications are effectively protected from attacks


Swisscom offers a broad spectrum of CDN services in the areas of web performance, media delivery, cloud security and secure access. We work together with various CDN providers to be able to offer solutions adapted to your needs.

Web Performance

Acceleration, availability and scalability of digital contents and services – the result is an outstanding online customer experience.


Cloud Security

Protect your digital services from targeted DDoS and hacker attacks and control how bots are handled.



Media Delivery

Jerk-free customer experience and immediate access to high-resolution video contents, software uploads and downloads, games, social media and other contents.

Secure Access

Global and secure access for internal and external stakeholders on company applications. At the same time, the users benefit from increased performance and availability.

Our CDN partners

Our collaboration with various CDN providers lets us individually select the solution that best corresponds to your needs and requirements and fits your budget. No matter whether you are an SME or large concern, we would be pleased to advise you and have the appropriate solution ready.


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Research report: status of CDN services

When it comes to the latest CDN solutions, users of digital media around the world are in agreement: content must be accessible quickly and in a versatile manner from any device.

Read this white paper from Unisphere Research to gain some insight into the latest developments in the utilisation of digital content and find out how you can use a Content Delivery Network to best manage the challenges.