Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Protect your websites, applications, APIs and users with Akamai's unique Intelligent Edge Security Platform.

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Maintaining the network perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult. That's why the Akamai Intelligent Edge Security Platform surrounds and protects your entire architecture, i.e. core, cloud and edge. This means attacks can be fought off, and threats blocked - no matter where they occur.


Web application firewall

Protect your public website, web application and mobile app with the robust Web Application Firewall (WAF) technology. The solutions of Akamai successfully protect against threats from the Internet, such as malicious file execution, SQL injection and cross-site scripting, without affecting application performance. WAF is a process embedded in the CDN platform that inspects all HTTP and HTTPS requests before providing access. Threats to Internet security are identified and blocked before they enter the data centre

DDoS protection

Comprehensive DDoS protection from the cloud for applications, globally distributed data centres and network infrastructures. Ensure that your digital services are available at all times and can withstand even complex attacks from professionals, regardless of the size or quality of the attack. Globally distributed scrubbing centres with unmatched capacities defuse risks before they reach your data centre. You buy a managed DDoS cloud service without having to acquire security expertise yourself or roll out hardware.

Highly available DNS

Move your DNS from your own infrastructure to globally distributed servers in the CDN cloud. In addition to an improvement in worldwide access times, your digital assets remain 100% available, since your DNS is now protected against DDoS attacks.

Bot management

Bot Manager offers you a flexible selection of options for dealing with bots on publicly accessible portals such as web shops, online banking and customer logins. You can increase security, maintain more control over your website or web shop, and reduce unwanted actions through active control.

Whitepaper "Security on the Edge"

Companies need smooth digital experiences. This applies not only to enterprise customers who communicate, collaborate and produce at the highest level, but also to the core services themselves, such as online shopping transactions, OTT video delivery, healthcare portals or networked devices at the production level.

Report on web attacks and gaming misuse

How do you distinguish between a legitimate user and credential stuffing when someone registers on your website? If you don't know whether a real user is logging in or whether it's software that imitates human users, your business may be vulnerable to fraud.


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