Media Delivery

How you can benefit


Delivery of large data volumes

Companies from the media sector use CDN to move static contents from their web servers to the CDN Cloud. By using the CDN server platform, you can respond to increased demand at any time and serve your customer base with the best quality, even in peak times, without expanding your own infrastructure.
Example: With CDN, a TV streaming provider ensures that the massively increased demand during a major event (WM football) can be managed.

Live communication

Whether a financial sheet press conference, a General Meeting of Shareholders, a show event or a live online seminar is concerned, there will be no live video broadcast without CDN. Redundant and error-optimised routing ensures trouble-free transfer of live video to every corner of the world.
Example: A renowned Swiss bank broadcasts its General Meeting of Shareholders throughout the world by using CDN technology over live Webcast.

Video in and from the company

Videos are currently the megatrend in communication. More and more companies are discovering video as a means of communication, whether in the area of public & media relations, human resources, product branding, as an image driver or for training purposes and information distribution. In order to do justice to the growing needs when delivering video to a large number of end devices, companies are relying on powerful CDN services.
Example: An international Swiss medical technical company provides product and company information using videos on its website. CDN not only compensates for the delivery of high access numbers, but also provides the video on-the-fly right away in the format compatible for the end device.